Starting your own business is a serious step, for serious women, but it’s certainly not beyond your reach when you have the right resources. Many women put their dreams on the back burner because they have no idea where or how to start, but I’m here to change all of that by teaching you strategic, tactical and systematic solutions. I’ve been there. I was once in your shoes. Like many women, I tried to learn the hard way before I discovered the right way, and that made all the difference!

My background as a competitive athlete, sport psychologist, and a woman in the male-dominated business world taught me the importance of hard work, effective strategy, sound tactics and leveraging my strengths. If you want to succeed, conformity is not an option! After too many years “working for the man” I turned my life right side up becoming an entrepreneur and I’ve never looked back. With a global reach, I am helping like-minded women — just like you — through the start-up and launch of their entrepreneurial dreams and am having loads of fun in the process.

Take a moment to browse through the many options you have to get started on my website by visiting http://www.drshannonreece.com/letsstart. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Shannon@DrShannonReece.com
Dr. Shannon Reece

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