Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Business of Service

Performance Tip of the Week If you were to ask most entrepreneurs why they are in business, many would answer, “To be of service to others.” True, there are those whose motives are purely financial — and I am not discounting the need to pay the bills — but the entrepreneurs in my circle definitely […]

It’s Time to Blaze Your Own Trail

Are you following the path that your heart designed? Or are you walking down the path of someone else’s choosing? Join me on my latest Cinch broadcast to discover how you can take to begin blazing the right trail in your business. Don’t waste any more time messing around with fear, doubt, or battling other […]

36 Best Business Takeaways for 2011

Every year brings with it good times and not so good times, as well as the natural ebbs and flows of business. But as we near the end of the year, and take pause to reflect on our experiences, I think we can all agree that despite the challenges, there is much for which to […]

Pursuing Your Dream Job

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #6 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Lisa Schaefer, Chief Designer and Owner of whether bags, who shared her best strategies for how women can take the first steps to make their designer dreams a reality. After deciding to leave Corporate America, Lisa pursued her […]

Attitude of Abundance

Performance Tip of the Week When you look at your life, do you see a glass half empty or a glass half full? Do you wait until the fourth Thursday in November each year to take pause, and reflect on the many ways your life is blessed? Do you mentally and emotionally reside in the […]

Before You Start

Starting a business is more than coming up with a great idea. To truly have a chance of creating a sustainable, money-making enterprise, even the kitchen table variety, you’ve got to thoroughly examine your market and do your homework. This week, I invited guest business expert, Joseph Baker, to share the five step process he recommends […]

9 Innovative Ideas to Monetize Your Blog

As entrepreneurs, we are always seeking ways to leverage our expertise and create additional income streams. Most business owners start blogging in order build credibility, develop an online presence and share valuable content. But what about monetization? Knowing that many bloggers have found interesting and unconventional modes to successfully monetize their blogs, last week I […]