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Too Much Rockin’ – Not Enough Rollin’

Getting bogged down in your business can feel a lot like trying to move a car that’s gotten stuck in the mud. There’s a lot of rockin’ going on, but it’s just not rolling anywhere. That’s how I feel when I get in over my head as a solo entrepreneur, and have loaded too much […]

Moving Your Employees Beyond Satisfaction to Engagement

In this month’s examination of engagement, I didn’t want to neglect the importance of looking at how we engage our employees. Because the truth is that if your employees are merely satisfied rather than engaged, your company will never reach it’s potential. As I prepared to write on this subject, I realized that there were […]

Show Some Leg in Your Business

If you were watching the Oscars a couple of weeks ago, you were privy to the latest fad in show biz, now referred to as Jolie’ing. One right leg made history worldwide in a matter of moments in a memorable pose on the red carpet. Was it a blatant attempt to draw attention, comments, and […]

The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Drive

Part Four of Four What drives you? Many might admit to external rewards like money, recognition, status, or power. But for the heart-centered leader, the one I’ve been describing for the past few weeks, the fourth virtue of TRUE leadership is an intrinsically motivated Drive. Just as the other virtues of Selflessness, Courage, and Integrity come from […]

The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Integrity

Part Three of Four In the prior two posts, I presented what I consider to be two of four main virtues of TRUE leadership — meaning leading from within — the first being Selflessness, and the second, Courage. The third, and equally powerful virtue, is your ability to lead with Integrity. More important than focusing on morality, […]

The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Courage

Part Two of Four Sometimes it’s really challenging to be courageous. When you can’t predict the outcome, it can be scary to put your neck on the line, be vulnerable, or take a leap of faith. In Part One of this series, I wrote about how TRUE leadership comes from a place of selflessness. The […]

The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Selflessness

Part One of Four Have you ever really thought about what it means to lead? I’ve been a follower and a leader. The leadership roles I filled as a young manager for a handful of companies are, in so many ways, different from the role I am now called to play in my own business. […]