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Too Much Rockin’ – Not Enough Rollin’

Getting bogged down in your business can feel a lot like trying to move a car that’s gotten stuck in the mud. There’s a lot of rockin’ going on, but it’s just not rolling anywhere. That’s how I feel when I get in over my head as a solo entrepreneur, and have loaded too much […]

Business Spring Cleaning

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #26 Stirring up some dust… Have you been wondering what’s been going on under the hood at DrShannonReece.com and Strategies and Tactics for Women? I just created a short video to give you the scoop. I am in the process of tossing out the old stuff that is not […]

18 Business Champions for Entrepreneurs

We all have special people who have crossed our paths this year. Some touched our lives, our businesses in small ways, and others left an indelible mark, pushing us to new heights. For this post, I wanted to shine the spotlight on each of our heroes to say “Thank you!” for being pivotal in our […]

13 Business Growth Strategies for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have a unique challenge of not only spreading the news of their causes, but also igniting hearts and minds. Getting an audience to embrace something greater than themselves, and invest time and financial resources can be an uphill trek. But there are plenty of nonprofits that are surviving and thriving even in tough economic […]