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16 Ways to Orchestrate a Happy New Year

Your business plan for the New Year was probably set long before the end of 2011. And having a sound action plan is essential to growing and sustaining your business. Annual business plans typically have a lot of moving parts, but for this post was interested in what entrepreneurs are most excited to implement, and […]

14 Entrepreneurs Are Outsourcing Their Way to Success

Whether you are faced with a task beyond your scope of expertise, or simply need to free up more time to focus on business growth, as a solo entrepreneur, outsourcing is a necessity in business. One of the biggest challenges is not finding resources, but deciding what to outsource to create the most impact for […]

36 Ways to Create a High Impact Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a necessity in any networking scenario, whether you are speaking to a prospect or potential partner by phone or face-to-face. You’ve got about 10 seconds to make a lasting impression and therefore, want to bring your “A” game. Crafting an elevator pitch that grabs someone’s attention can be a challenge, and […]

27 Entrepreneurs Business Christmas Wishes

We all have dreams of the future — big visions of where we want to be in life and business. And as we approach the start of a brand new year, it’s fun to think about our dreams, and the Christmas wishes we hope will come true. My Christmas wish is fairly simple — I […]

38 Businesses Are Giving Back For Christmas

‘Tis the Season to give, and that is no exception when it comes to business. But true giving is more than just providing Black Friday deals and special offers to draw customers during the last hurrah of the 4th quarter. Many businesses are taking time out to focus on those in need. At Reece International, […]

36 Best Business Takeaways for 2011

Every year brings with it good times and not so good times, as well as the natural ebbs and flows of business. But as we near the end of the year, and take pause to reflect on our experiences, I think we can all agree that despite the challenges, there is much for which to […]

35 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you have a locally based business or you run a virtual enterprise — there is a lot of competition out there. You have a finite amount of time to catch the attention of your prospects through your marketing efforts, so your message better stand up and dance. Entrepreneurs are learning that […]