38 Businesses Are Giving Back For Christmas

‘Tis the Season to give, and that is no exception when it comes to business. But true giving is more than just providing Black Friday deals and special offers to draw customers during the last hurrah of the 4th quarter. Many businesses are taking time out to focus on those in need.

At Reece International, our goal is to provide job training for women in need through World Vision’s Help Women and Girls program. A portion of the proceeds from my coaching sales this month are being given to World Vision with a goal of providing job training for 20 women in need through my 12 Days of Experts Project.

The great news is that we are 25% of the way to our goal thanks to the generous donations from Dr. Monique Y. Wells and Randy Morrow!! Thank you so much for your generosity for women in need!

And our project is just the tip of the iceberg this Christmas, so last week I asked –

If you are a business caught up in the spirit of Christmas giving too, please share your story and tell me – How is your business giving back to those in need this Christmas?

You will be blown away by the wonderful ways 38 businesses are celebrating the spirit of the season by giving their time, resources, and platforms to support those who are less fortunate. As I read through all the incredible submissions for this post, I couldn’t help but be inspired to think even bigger for next year. But the point is that we need not wait for Christmas to give, when there are opportunities galore to do so 365 days of the year. Be inspired!


Cream for a ClearCause – a supralicious, organic nurturing gift for someone you love, that spreads the love to your community and beyond with financial support. Worthy causes need a recession proof way to survive and thrive.

One recession proof industry is cosmetics. Let’s cream it on!

Give a luxurious high-quality, age-defying organic hand cream or purely delicious Shea butter to someone you love as a holiday, birthday or anniversary gift. Your skin will love you for it!

That love is spread all over by Cream for a Cause. Fifteen to forty percent of net proceeds from every purchase benefit charities. Cream for a ClearCause benefits ClearCause Foundation and the charity of your choice. For more information visit http://www.clearcausefoundation.org/content/cream-clearcause

Promo Code “Shannon” spreads love to Dr. Reece’s World Vision!

Thanks to Sheryl Hill of Cream for a Cause

2. Children Are The Focus Of Our Plans Here At NRS To Give Back During The Holiday Season

At National Recovery Services, our CEO Brad De Kraai and our management team are dedicated to initiatives that improve the lives and welfare of children in our community. During the holiday season, we “adopt” children for Christmas and donate money to cancer initiatives.

Thanks to Leanne Hiner of National Recovery Services, LLC

3. Giving Back Is A Part Of Our Ongoing Mission/Vision

Bottom line, we want to help people. Our special interest is in helping people in the communities we serve — especially supporting women and children who are financially disadvantaged with education. Our strategy is about addressing issues directly.

Our leadership team & consultants demonstrate their commitment to providing thought leadership by serving on various boards.

We partner with many organizations by offering our subject matter expertise pro-bono, or at reduced rates to help provide services they need to operate effectively such as time management studies, social media productivity & automation, clutter reduction strategies, etc. Our consultants are active volunteers for a number of organizations.

In addition, I am active globally as lender on http://www.kiva.org

Thanks to Stephanie LH Calahan (@StephCalahan) of Calahan Solutions, Inc.

4. Doorways For Families

We have committed to $500 from each home sale in 2012 to Arlington, VA’s Doorways for Children and Families, an organization providing emergency relief to families who find themselves in unplanned, dire circumstances.

Thanks to Randy Morrow of Keller Williams Realty–Divorce Specialist

5. Holiday Tips For Caregivers Of Loved Ones With Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America offers very unique services, which make the holidays a little easier for family caregivers. For example, if caregivers are facing a difficult situation during a holiday gathering, they can call our toll-free hot-line (866-AFA-8484) or connect via Skype with a licensed social worker. Caregivers can also find tips in one of our many issues of care ADvantage magazine, including a special issue on “Keeping Cheer in the Holidays” in the November 2004 issue of the magazine. Caregivers can share creative works during the holidays, such as poems and artwork, in tribute to loved ones and have it published in the magazine or on our dedicated Web site for caregivers, http://www.carecrossroads.org. We hope to make the holidays one in which they can enjoy time together.

Thanks to Eric Hall of Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

6. Encouraging Your Employees To Volunteer!

The holidays are a great time to get your business involved in the community. Not only does it make you feel warm and fuzzy, it also drives customers to your store, and employee satisfaction up. As a social network, or business is online – so we compensate by getting involved.

This season, GoVoluntr employees have volunteered over 20 hours together with more still coming! This year we are volunteering at the Community Service Agency in Mountain View, CA to hep with their toy drive; but there are tons of events that you and your employees can volunteer at. In fact, it makes a great team building exercise: go and volunteer together!

Thanks to Kevin Zittle of GoVoluntr

7. Holman Moving Moves Out Holiday Hunger

Every year, more than 241,000 people in Delaware and more than 850,000 people in New Jersey, receive emergency food assistance. Forty percent of those in need are children. Holman Moving, in partnership with Move for Hunger, regularly delivers food from customers and delivers it to local food banks. This holiday season, in an effort to boost our donations, Holman is donating one can of food for every new Facebook like and three cans of food every time someone posts something they are thankful for on our wall.

Click Here to Like Our Page

To keep people inspired, our Delaware headquarters has replaced the traditional holiday tree with a “food tree” that we are building out of cans collected. We plan to continue the campaign through the end of January, splitting the total amount of cans between our NJ and DE food banks.

Thanks to Paige Holden of Holman Moving Systems

8. Give The Gift Of Water This Christmas

At ThirstTees (www.thirsttees.com), every tee purchased provides one person with 25 years of clean water. We are able to provide this support through a partnership with a non-profit that builds wells and water purifiers in Africa and South America. ThirstTees allows people to enjoy the experience of helping others. We believe that a mentality that combines giving and gratitude is the key to success in business and in life.

This Christmas, people have the opportunity to make the giving experience twice as great. When you give a friend or family member a ThirstTee, you are providing water to a person in need and also giving someone an awesome gift. The person receiving the gift will have the added benefit of knowing that they are creating awareness and supporting a great cause. Wear Water!

Thanks to Kyle Morrow of ThirstTees

9. ISM Is “Branching Out” This Holiday Season

Instead of killing trees with a traditional holiday card, Boston-based marketing agency ISM is planting a forest! The ISM holiday card (printed on 100% recycled paper) will invite recipients to visit a website and decorate a forest tree for the holidays. For every 500 trees decorated, ISM will donate to Oxfam America and plant a forest of 1,000 trees.

While we’re helping a community afar, we haven’t forgotten our own. ISM will also partner with RESPOND, a domestic violence shelter in the Boston area. We receive a “Wish List” from a family in need and ISM employees make personal contributions to purchase the gifts. The real joy comes from dropping off the gifts at the shelter and experiencing heartfelt expressions of gratitude. Two big reasons to have an office full of holiday cheer!

Thanks to Kimberly Murdock of ISM

10. Collecting The Comforts Of Home

The Ronald McDonald House program provides families of sick children a “home away from home” while their child receives medical treatment. The stress of coping with a critical illness and being far from home is especially difficult during the holidays. Glass Doctor(r) franchises are participating in the Season of Sharing by hosting food and Wish List item drives for their local Houses to help provide the comforts of home this holiday season. Although, that’s not the only way they’re giving back. For example, for a limited time, Glass Doctor of Raleigh/Durham, N.C., is joining the Season of Sharing by donating $2 for every customer to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. Giving back is year-long for Glass Doctor, the company is a corporate sponsor of Ronald McDonald House Charities(r).

Thanks to Rebecca Broaddus of Glass Doctor

11. Giving Up To Giving Back

Every year during the holiday season, companies and corporations offer “big deals” for their customers on days designated as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This holiday season is just the same for small businesses. In most cases, these businesses will come up with something to make a quick buck or to accumulate a profit based off of holiday shoppers.

At VIP Bachelorette, this is not the case. Our definition of a “Big Deal” is creating a Christmas for underprivileged families who have endured a year of unfortunate circumstances. To do this, the staff at VIP decided to give up the annual holiday party. After numerous touching stories, two families were selected for VIP Bachelorette to create a Christmas for. The staff & family will personally deliver gifts, clothes and food to them on Christmas.

Thanks to Angela Burdick of VIP Bachelorette

12. The Best Way To Give Thanks Is To Give!

I’m feeling particularly grateful this season and decided to offer my professional speaking services to three organizations, who are non-profits serving those in need. I sent the call for “applications” out in my ezine and screened the groups to find those who are a good fit for my offerings. One is a teenage youth organization, one is a non-profit that donates to many charities, and one is a non-profit that helps developmentally disabled folks and veterans.

One of the best ways to give thanks is to give of our talents, time, and treasures, so that is what I am doing this holiday season. The beauty of this is that everything we give DOES return to us multiplied–and from the most surprising sources! Have a soulful holiday everyone, and give to those groups in alignment with who you are!

Thanks to Dr. Barnsley Brown of Spirited Solutions Speaking & Coaching

13. Giving To My Business Contacts

I’ve been really inspired and helped this year by the love and support I’ve gotten from my business colleagues – and by business associates I don’t even know.

Because of that, my holiday give-back this year is for them. I created a completely free and fabulous report for them to learn from and to pass along to their clients. I’m doing this in the spirit of generosity – which to me, means there’s no opt-in, no forms to fill out and no hoops to jump through.

The report’s a short and value-packed one on Increasing Brand Engagement With Stock Photos.

And, because you’re reading this, I have a copy for you, too! Feel free to give this link out to anyone that it would be served by.

Click to access stock-photos.pdf

Thanks to Erin Ferree of BrandStyle Design

14. Tis The Season To Give Back!

Whether bags is proud to be sending a portion of all sales made during the month of December to benefit Found, an animal rehabilitation program/center here in Chicago. In addition, I partnered with my local yoga studio to run a fundraising yoga class in conjunction with a trunk show. The entire proceeds from the yoga class and 15% of all trunk show sales will benefit Found. During the month of November, I raised money in support of Movember and proceeds will benefit LIVESTRONG in support of prostate cancer and testicular cancer research.

Thanks to Lisa Schaefer of Whether Bags

15. Big Bird Media Adopts A Family

We are blessed to have so many wonderful holiday memories, sitting around the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, sharing laughs with family, and plenty of food. It is saddening to stop and think that others do not get to have the same holiday experience for one reason or another. Our local schools hold an “Adopt a Family” event for families in need. The families provide the school support worker with a Christmas wish list, and then individuals and organizations in the community volunteer to act as “Santa” to provide the family with gifts from their list for Christmas day. As a start-up this is our first year adopting a family and we have already purchased several items to wrap. It’s been a joy to provide these gifts, knowing we are brightening the day for this family in even the tiniest bit.

Thanks to Dan Spence of Big Bird Media, LLC

16. Don’t Forget Our Four Legged Friends

My boyfriend and I adopted litter mates in 2010; it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Our dogs have filled a place in our home and hearts that we didn’t realize was vacant. Because of this, I think it’s important to give back to rescue groups who help bring dogs and cats to their forever homes. I write articles, donate money, and donate supplies to local rescue groups. I promote their good work tirelessly. And I share stories of our experiences hoping to touch the heart of someone who’s been considering adopting a furkid, but hasn’t made the leap yet. We’re custodians of this planet and have a responsibility to take care of the creatures that share this space with us and I will use my growing influence to make a positive impact in the lives of our four-legged friends.

Thanks to Kimberly Gauthier of A Novice With Moxie

17. Forgoing Client Gifts For Hot Meals For Those In Need

This year, our 15-person team at MassPay Payroll Services is forgoing gifts for our CPA clients and instead will be delivering over 30 dinners to families in need in towns surrounding our Beverly, MA-based business. We are working with St. Joseph’s Harvest of Hope food pantry to prepare and hand deliver the meals. For our MassPay family, we strongly believe in community. Our clients agree that helping families who truly need and deserve a hot holiday meal is far more rewarding than sending a company fruit basket or other office gift.

Thanks to Jason Maxwell of MassPay Payroll Services

18. Giving Back Through Our NYC’s Twelve Miles Of Christmas Bicycle Rides

As a bicycle riding school and coaching service to riders of all ages in NYC, we are producing inaugural (Twelve Miles of Christmas) bicycle rides to raise money for those who go hungry and for those who need basic necessities.

To do this, we will put on two rides. The first, our “Display on the Parkway” will provide a way to make a donation to a food bank. The second, Christmas Tree Hop, will provide a donation to Socks n Undies which provides underwear, socks, and toiletries to the homeless.

Thanks to Coach Lee of City Bike Coach In NYC

19. Giving Back With Goodwill

No one gets where they are without the help and support of the community around them. Because of that, I believe in making giving back a core part of a business. If you’re a success you should give a hand to help others also be successful. That’s why my company, MakerCraft, works with Goodwill’s jobs program. The people they hire do all of our jewelry construction and shipping. We work with them exclusively, and that means that we’re helping them hire more people in need with every piece we sell. I think that’s the best way to do business; helping those in need every time you help yourself, all the time.

Thanks to Corissa McClay of MakerCraft

20. Inspirational Tutus T’s – Proceeds Benefit Children’s Hospital Boston

Since it’s the season of giving, why not double gift…you give a gift to a special little girl – we give a gift (proceeds) to Children’s Hospital Boston!

Tutu Pour Mon Deux offers DIY (design it yourself) tutus t’s. Virtually design, and customize a special outfit that will rock any girls wardrobe. Our web-site is fun, interactive and easy to navigate. With more than a dozen original patches and ribbons to choose from, the tutu t-shirt can be as unique as the little girl wearing it. The colors are as happy and vibrant, and come in sizes ranging from 18 months to 6T.

Thanks to Erika Deady-Wohers of Tutu Pour Mon Deux

21. Costa DeVault Wishes You A Happy Holiday – And A “Mobile” New Year

Since 1985, Costa DeVault has donated tens of thousands of hours to nonprofits in the community. Giving back has always been integral to the company’s culture and as technology evolves, Costa DeVault thought it only fitting that their giving should do the same.

That’s why, this year, the company is going to donate a free mobile website to one Central Florida nonprofit – and you get to help them choose. It’s easy to qualify. Just guess how many total column inches of publicity Costa DeVault garnered for clients in 2011. Guesses must be posted on Costa DeVault’s Facebook page wall at http://www.facebook.com/CostaDeVault.

You can make your guess between now and midnight on Dec. 31, 2011. The winner will be contacted on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 and announced on Facebook on January 4.

Thanks to Jenni Izzo of Costa DeVault

22. Isabel Garreton To Launch Itsatwist Just In Time For The Holidays – A Twist On Fashion And Giving Back

Itsatwist marks an eye-catching alternative to traditional accessories. Itsatwist’s flexible woven fabric allows you to manipulate your “twist” in virtually any direction. From a playful wrap or sexy shawl to a warm hood or striking belt, Itsatwist can be whatever you make it.

Plush and purposeful, Isabel Garreton® products empower both the women who wear them and the women who make them. Itsatwist is manufactured entirely in Chile by disadvantaged women who have been taught weaving and embroidery by Isabel Garreton herself. 100% of the proceeds from the collection go back to the women who create them, making each Itsatwist a gift for two.

Surprise the women on your holiday list this year and give them the gift of creativity with Itsatwist.

Thanks to Rachel D. of Itsatwist

23. Giving For Good, Because Families Deserve To Have Some Fun And Food For The Holidays

DadDoes.Com has launched their Giving for Good Promotion to help some families have food and fun for the holidays. Dad Does has selected 23 of the hottest holiday toys for the 2011 season and is giving them away, but with an interesting twist. Yes, readers can leave a comment and win one of the 23 toys (total value of over $1,000), however, the interesting part is that DadDoes.Com is also giving away all 23 toys to a Toy Drive to help families in need.

In addition, for every person who leaves a comment on the post, DadDoes will give $1 to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts (up to $1,000 max). By leaving a simple comment, readers may win a top holiday toy, but more importantly they will be giving food and toys to families in need. Who said words are not powerful?

To leave your comment, visit – http://www.daddoes.com/4111/giving-for-good/

Thanks to Dan Nessel of Dad Does

24. Don’t Forget The Grandparents

There is a push to create a bill in the Maryland Legislature to protect our state’s seniors from elder financial abuse. Actor Mickey Rooney recently testified in Congress about how his children stole his fortune from him. Sadly, 70% of the criminals who commit elder financial abuse are family members. 3 to 6 billion dollars are stolen annually; this figure is based on only 3% of all cases being reported! Our aging parents are afraid to report. They are embarrassed.

My DC-based PR and marketing firm, sasse agency, has jumped on the bandwagon. We are creating pro-bono press opportunities for publicity on this subject to help boost the grassroots campaign to write and enact legislation to protect seniors in Maryland. 20 other states have already enacted legislation with incredible results.

Thanks to Cari Shane of sasse agency

25. Wear One, Give One

My name is Brian and I started a clothing company last year called Twice As
Warm with a core mission of giving.

Each purchase is matched with a donation of the same clothing to a person
in need: ‘wear one, give one.’

Our mission is to create a sustainable way of providing new winter clothing to people in need.

In addition to providing new winter clothing throughout the winter months, we’ll be giving new winter clothing items along with food and supplies to people in need on Christmas Eve.

Thanks to Brian Lieberman of Twice As Warm

26. Filanthropists.com…because We All Have Things To Buy And Causes To Support.

The holiday season is a time for both personal gifting and for charitable giving, and Filanthropists.com is at the intersection of both. Every product we feature is affiliated with a charity or nonprofit organization, so shoppers can feel good knowing that while their gift is bringing happiness to the recipient, it’s enabling charities and nonprofits to continue their good work.

Thanks to Filomena Laforgia of Filanthropist, Inc.

27. #Tweet4toys: Social Media For Social Good

In June of 2010, Cheryl Lawson founder of Party Aficionado created Social Media Tulsa. Social Media Tulsa hosts monthly meetups, tweetups, conferences, and several social media for social good campaigns. #Tweet4toys 2011 launched on November 18th.

#Tweet4toys is a toy drive sponsored by Social Media Tulsa benefiting The Salvation Army in Tulsa by collecting toys for Tulsa’s forgotten angels. What is a forgotten Angel? The kids who don’t get picked during the annual Angel Tree program.

The goal for #Tweet4toys this year is to collect more toys. To reach that goal, we’re hosting a series of Meetups and Tweetups.

People not in the Tulsa area can text the words “Joy Toy” to 85944. (Include the space) to donate $10.

To learn more about Tweet4toys visit http://tweet4toys.org/

Thanks to Cheryl Lawson of Party Aficionado

28. What Can Be Done, Should Be Done!

While my business, Gifket, is brand new, this Christmas, I am reserving 25% off all purchases to go towards the creation of an extra-large Baby Gift Basket for the local women’s care center here in Cleveland, TN, the New Hope Pregnancy Center. Part of that 25% is also being reserved for the creation of adorable crocheted hats for the Erlanger NICU in Chattanooga, TN, and the Ronald McDonald House in Chattanooga, TN. In addition, I create “blessing bags” to give to homeless people I encounter, an idea I got from a blog online. I believe that can be done to help others, should be done.

Thanks to Alana Purple of Gifket

29. ’tis Always The Season For Giving At Sweet Miss Giving’s

Here at Sweet Miss Giving’s it is always about the giving back. We are a social enterprise bakery that provides jobs training for those who have the greatest challenge finding employment in today’s environment. We provide six month internships, giving our interns job experience in bakery production, packaging, delivery and customer service. Not only do we bake some incredibly delectable baked goods, but 100% of our proceeds go back to support the men, women and children of Chicago House & Social Service Agency who have been impacted by homelessness, disability and HIV/AIDs. We bake daily to sell at our retail location, on our food truck, delivering to our corporate and catering clients and shipping our assorted gift boxes nationwide. A cupcake can make a difference.

Thanks to Moira Tuffy of Sweet Miss Giving’s

30. Two Steps At A Time™

As a global humanitarian commitment, made on behalf of the eco-friendly brand, VOS® will be providing footwear to individuals in-need of the same in Guatemala during the 2011 Christmas season. This is in addition to the ongoing basic healthcare & education that is bestowed to the natural rubber producing communities which cultivate the sustainable raw material for VOS® flips.

Thanks to José Alejandro Flores of VOS®

31. Huey Magoo’s Is Helping Floridians In Need Of Christmas Cheer

As a way to give back to the community this holiday season, Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders will be providing free meals to everyone who walks through our doors from 11am to 8pm on Monday, December 19 at both our Oviedo and Winter Springs locations. In addition, we will be partnering with The Christmas Dreams children’s charity and The Sharing Center to provide Christmas trees to select Seminole County families in need. After all, what better time is there to help out our community than at Christmas? This rings especially true this year in light of the homeless situation in Seminole County, as was featured on a recent episode of ’60 Minutes’. It is our hope that this special event will help spread some Christmas cheer to local families who need it most.

Thanks to Matt Armstrong of Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders

32. Weekend Rum Cakes

Weekend Rum Cakes started as a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in 2010, and after becoming a business in June 2011, we remain committed to giving back. This year we are giving a portion of our proceeds from November to the Blue Star Mothers of Oklahoma (Chapter 1 & 5), and in December we will be giving to the Salvation Army to support the angel tree program.

Weekend Rum Cakes is an online bakery specializing in mini gourmet rum cakes. We offer 6 flavors, Original, Chocolate, Coconut, Pumpkin Spice, Strawberry and Chocolate Coconut. Cakes are about 4 inches in diameter and 1.75 inches tall.

Thanks to Monique Harps of Weekend Rum Cakes

33. Giving Back By Buying Bling

Exhale To Excel Jewelry & Boutique is donating 10% from each purchase this holiday season to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Breast Cancer Awareness is not just one month, it is all year and we want to remember those we lost and celebrate the survivors. You can be chic for a cause!

Thanks to Dana Rankin of Exhale To Excel Jewelry & Boutique

34. Paying-It-Forward In Business

My philosophy has always been to help others help themselves. As a motivational speaker, I wanted to create a place where people could go to give and receive support, love, motivation and inspiration during their journey toward an abundant life. A private Facebook group seemed to the perfect solution.

Members were initially charged a monthly fee. Since then, we have opened it up to anyone that would like to join – FREE of charge. The only requirement is that if anyone has benefited from this group IN ANY WAY, that they make a donation for each month that they are a member.

So far we have been able to provide hours of life coaching, financial aid for single moms, and a 4-year-old little girl with the opportunity to have breakfast with Santa AND a present to open on Christmas morning.

Thanks to Tami Gomez of Brain Boot Camp, LLC.

35. Free Paint Makeover

We seek out and select a family in need of a Free Paint Makeover for their home. This Christmas season we partnered with Make A Wish Foundation of Colorado and are painting a kids play room in a home in Northern Colorado. The boy’s wish is for a room makeover. He is battling Leukemia and would like his room painted blue. We are fortunate to participate and once we are done painting, he will be receiving an assortment of electronics and furniture to help make his space his own. Our Team is looking forward to seeing the smile on his face, once his room is blue!

Thanks to Matt Shoup of M & E Painting

36. Shopping With Purpose

We-Care.com allows online shoppers to donate a percentage of their online shopping to the nonprofit, school, or association of their choice. During the holiday season, We-Care.com has been able to generate more donations than ever before without cost to our users or the causes they support.

Thanks to Dylan Nord of We-Care.com

37. Philanthropic Technology Vendor, JK Group, Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is This Holiday Season

It’s one thing to “talk the talk.” It’s another thing for JK Group’s 200 employees to “walk the walk” by raising $12,000 in one month for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). JK encourages clients to grow their philanthropic programs. Now it’s JK’s turn to show them how it’s done.

In November, philanthropic vendor JK Group hosted an internal fundraiser to support a local food pantry. It was dubbed “Fun With Singles” since it only took one dollar to play. Running fundraising programs for 300+ Fortune 1000 companies, taught JK Group employees that having fun and diverse offerings helps encourage giving. Even the executives got involved. In fact, $1,400 was raised in a bidding war to see which of the top management would wear an inflatable ballerina costume. JK proudly had 100% participation.

Thanks to Robin Drew of JK Group

38. Singing For The Season

For our company holiday party this year we are all getting on a bus to go caroling at various senior citizen establishments in Los Angeles prior to a celebratory dinner. We thought what better way to celebrate the spirit of the holiday than to have the employees experience that seasonal joy by bringing smiles to the faces of others?

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation

Thanks so much again to all our wonderful contributors for sharing the big and beautiful ways you are giving back to those in need this Christmas! We hope to hear from you again. And to all our readers, if you have an innovative idea to share, we hope you will leave it in the comments below.

If you enjoyed this post, and would like to join our regular QofTW contributors email notification list simply Click Here. If you have a question that you would like to see addressed on my blog please leave it in the comments below, and your topic might be featured on an upcoming post.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. sierratierra
    Posted December 9, 2011 at 9:33 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Shannon — I love all these wonderful ideas for giving back during the holidays! Thanks for collecting these stories.

    On Thursday, Dec. 15, 9-10pm ET, I (as Sierra Tierra, a social media marketing company) will host a Google Plus Holiday Hangout. I encourage people to join the Hangout (http://bit.ly/sierratierragplus) and ask me a social media question. For each question I answer, I will donate $10 to Mission of Deeds’ Buy-A-Bed program.

    I hope it proves to be a great way to help people learn about social media and to benefit needy families in Massachusetts.

    To read more about this event, go to: http://bit.ly/gplusholidayhangout

    Here’s hoping my Hangout will help those in need!

    • Posted December 9, 2011 at 10:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Lisa, I am thrilled that you would share this information about your event next Thursday! What a great example of giving back! Keep up the great work, and setting such a generous example of helping those in need. 🙂 Shannon

  2. Posted December 7, 2011 at 4:02 am | Permalink | Reply

    I was not familiar with your blog. After seeing our work included in this blog(#22) I was sincerely impressed by your initiative. I am forever impressed by what it takes for women to develop a comfortable identity in the business world, no doubt your effort is necessary. My very best to you and thank you for including us.

    • Posted December 7, 2011 at 8:18 am | Permalink | Reply

      Isabel, Thank you for your comment. I love bringing people together through this post, and am so happy to have had you in the mix this week. Thank you for reading and I hope we will see your contributions in the future. 🙂 Shannon

  3. Posted December 6, 2011 at 12:42 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’d love for your readers to also know about iGiveTrees, my holiday 2011 offering to help people stretch $5 all the way to Brazil. You give a tree that we plant in the rainforest, you get a beautiful holiday card (a series of 6 actually) that you can print and give to the recipient of your gift.

    Also, monthly tree giving is also possible, and for that, your receive monthly gifts of inspiration. This is the outgrowth of a journey you’ll find described on http://www.changents.com/rainforesteco where the passion to renew the rainforest of my birth, emerged.

    Thank you for giving me a place to share the news! Peace.

  4. Posted December 5, 2011 at 10:51 am | Permalink | Reply


    Wow -what a great way to start the week. This post is inspirational and we all need more inspiration. Yes, we are on the list – but I was moved by all the other fantastic giving ideas – really makes you feel good. We just did a post today on our site “Is Caring, Giving and Compassion Dead in America?” – this post clearly shows the answer is NO!


  5. Posted December 5, 2011 at 8:39 am | Permalink | Reply

    Americans always amaze me with their capacity to give.

  6. Posted December 5, 2011 at 8:33 am | Permalink | Reply

    THANK YOU for a feel good feeling.

    Cream for a Cause benefits ClearCause – Keeping Children and Students Safe on Programs Abroad.

    Hope to see some gifts purchased to advance our SafeTY app!

    Feel the love.

    • Posted December 5, 2011 at 8:55 am | Permalink | Reply

      We need everything thinking hostess gift, stocking stuffer, teacher gifts, etc. to support ClearCause, through Cream for a Cause. Thanks for sharing this opportunity here!

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