45+ Best Assets Women Bring to Business

I came across an article in Forbes last week titled, The 10 Worst Stereotypes About Powerful Women, presented by some of the world’s most powerful women, who have to deal with them every day. Though negative stereotypes like Ice Queen, Weak, Emotional, and Cheerleader are alive and well in the competitive business arena, I wanted to showcase the very best assets and characteristics that women bring to the table in business, and asked –

Whether you are a man or woman in business, what is the single best asset you believe women entrepreneurs bring to business, and how does it enhance their effectiveness as leaders in business?

The 45 submissions we received this week are proof that positive stereotypes about women in business are alive and well among women, and even men, who have had the pleasure of working side by side with us. My goal, and that of many other women entrepreneurs, is to make such great assets the norm to counteract the negativity that still exists towards women in business. Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So it is up to us to change perceptions and reinforce the necessity and value of our seat at the boardroom table. Women must be the change they wish to see, one step at a time. Enjoy!

1. Women Stand Firm

You will note that I was the person quoted re. the “cheerleader” epithet in the Forbes article.

I would say that the best trait/asset of women entrepreneurs (and, even more importantly, those who are at high levels of management in the corporate world) is “steadfastness” – the ability not to shake and quake when others are (particularly men!), but to hold the course, keep the goals in focus, and direct the actions needed to meet those aims. It isn’t sexy or catchy, but it is the most important trait that a woman can bring to any business – her own, or that of her employers.

Thanks to Dr. Billie Blair of Change Strategists, Inc.

2. Can Do


Powerful women have a CAN DO persona. A tenacity that doesn’t give up, creates synergy and amplifies everyone engaged. A 3D vision that sees all perspectives, weighs and measures the good and the bad. You know when you are in their circle because you can feel their vibration. They create good buzz!

CAN DO women are constantly on the prowl for personal and business growth opportunities.

CAN DO women create success by constantly evaluating what works and what doesn’t, celebrating good efforts and rewarding strides towards success while balancing family life.

Thanks to Sheryl Hill of ClearCause Foundation

3. Low Testosterone = High-end Result

While women may occasionally engage in a hissing contest, they seldom bring it to the non-productive level of men engaging in another contest that rhymes. Women, as a rule, are not quick to anger. They are not out to establish superiority or territoriality. They nurture and engage, rather than complete. This willingness to focus on essentials, rather than personalities or other unrelated elements, helps women achieve the desired goals shareholders expect as the outcome of business interactions.

Thanks to Dr. Marlene Caroselli of Center For Professional Development

4. Female Energy In The Workplace

Every brand or product needs a female energy behind a marketing strategy. It’s not just men making consumer decisions, in fact, it’s mostly women. Women tend to take the ego out of the workplace that men can sometimes bring to the table, thus making a more effective leader in most cases.

The main characteristic that I believe should “make the cut” is empathetic. Women tend to empathize with the whole person, not just what is the issue right in front of them.

Thanks to Melissa Casserly of Out There Strategies

5. Do You Hear What I Hear?

Women listen.

I’m not saying that men don’t, but women ask questions that will help them understand the other party, and they listen intensely to the responses. This makes them more likely to be flexible vis-a-vis client needs and concerns, because they’re willing to really hear what the client is saying, understand what the client wants.

Most men I’ve encountered in business are more interested in talking than in listening. It may be the way that they’re hardwired; I don’t know. But I’m very happy that we women entrepreneurs have the gift of silence … and the ability to listen.

Thanks to Jeannette De Beauvoir of Customline Wordware

6. Collaborative & Empathetic

CAPT personality type percentages show that women are TWICE as likely to have a “Feeling” Myers-Briggs personality preference, which can help in two significant realms in entrepreneurship:

1) Collaboration – Rather than seeing life in black and white, feelers are more likely to see life in shades of gray, which makes them more likely to take colleague and client viewpoints into consideration throughout the business cycle.

2) Empathy – Similarly, when developing products that customers will evangelize, you have to feel what people are saying during focus group–not just hear it. Statistics and segments only draw an outline of your target audience. Empathy paints a more complete picture of the issues that contribute to changing human behavior–critical to both product development & advertising.

Thanks to Jen Lilienstein of Kidzmet

7. One Class Act

One of the strongest things that female entrepreneurs bring to the table is a lot of class. In our experience; we have honestly not met a successful female entrepreneur who didn’t display an air of dignity and respect that a lot of people in general do not have.

Thanks to Michael Pesochinsky of GovernmentAuctions.org

8. Trust Your Gut

We believe female entrepreneurs display a great combination of intuition and instinct. Both of those tools help in more ways than anyone can imagine. Both are also huge keys to success. In many ways you are forced to trust your gut when being an entrepreneur and that kind of inherent instinct helps decision making in ways not many can understand.

Thanks to Elik Aaron of SaleRacks.com

9. Inner Strength

Inner strength is a quality that separates female entrepreneurs from the rest of the pack. Being a woman in a male dominated world is tough. That means when success is found, that strength is apparent and can be very commanding. When she speaks, everyone listens.

Thanks to I. Aronovich of Awardable.com

10. Leader Of The Pack

Women do not have machismo or testosterone issues like men do. They readily avoid any undue Alpha Male situations and get right to the point, which puts them ahead of the curve. Women do not get baited like many men do, and readily admit mistakes. This helps with conflict resolution.

Thanks to Eli Israel of ForeclosureMagic.com

11. Smart Socializers Always Come Out On Top

Women are smart socializers, i.e. we are relationships builders. We are usually more adept at serving customers, coaching them to buy, participating in joint ventures/cross promotions, and working on teams with our employees and colleagues. We value harmonious, mutually beneficial, supportive relationships, partly because nurturing other people has been drummed into us since girlhood, but also because we value making other people feel good.

This idea is exemplified by one incredible woman, Maya Angelou, who I studied with at Wake Forest University years ago. As she said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And let me add, how you make them feel leads to repeat business–or not!

Thanks to Dr. Barnsley Brown of Spirited Solutions Speaking & Coaching

12. Best Resources

I think women are the best resources. When ever I need advice about anything, I find that women are very generous with information, time and resources. I feel this is what makes woman leaders, and makes them effective in business.

Thanks to Eula M. Young, COO of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc.

13. Resilience + Creativity = Savvy Leadership

Women have had so much to overcome in the workplace: going from the typing pool to board rooms and owning their own empires – women have come a long way. Because of this, women entrepreneurs are resilient, taking on any “setbacks” as challenges to overcome. Women are very creative in business, tapping into the female mindset and creating businesses that get to the heart of women. This is how they have made strides and will continue to lead: not by force or a coup, by just staying the course and doing it with savvy.

Thanks to Donina Ifurung of On High Heels

14. Forward Thinking And Ability To Manage “It All”

As a successful business owner, I learned early on that having a long-term perspective on the business is an important key to success. I maintained a written business plan of what needed to be done to get me there and consistently updated and implemented the plan. Being able to envision what I wanted the business to “look like” in one, three, five and more years ahead, kept me excited about the future of the business, my reputation in the community and my own financial future as well. That is how I was able to build my business from scratch to approx. $200 million in assets under management.

Thanks to Nancy Butler, CFP®, CDFA™, CLTC of Above All Else, Success In Life And Business

15. Passion Is Key

What others may charge as an emotional outpouring, I see as passion. Women are emotional by nature, and I believe it’s an attribute that should be embraced within business. Sure, crying and yelling certainly won’t solve problems as a leader, but harnessing those raw emotions to create a coherent action plan that can inspire others is key. Emotions gone awry is really just misguided passion. And women can use this to their advantage in a leadership role by channeling those feelings into something tangible.

Thanks to Luca Cusolito of Creative Enabler

16. Multi-tasking!

One of the best attributes that women bring in business is the natural ability to multi-task! We can maintain organisation, delegate and manage personal, business and social responsibilities simultaneously. Let’s face it, we can get heaps of things done in half the time it takes most men! Although women who succeed in business are often stereotyped and labelled, the honest truth in my opinion is that women are just as multi-varied, talented and dynamic as men. I think it’s our ability to wear so many hats as sisters, friends, aunts, mums, cousins, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc. that makes us unique.

Thanks to Victoria Olubi of My Curls

17. Ability to Evoke Sincerity and Earn Trust

The best asset women entrepreneurs bring to business is their ability to evoke sincerity and earn trust.  When providing a service, women have an innate ability to make the customer feel comfortable.  A comfortable customer is a customer that feels is though they are getting value with their purchase, resulting in a repeat business and a likely referral source.  A great referral source leads to a growing business.

Thanks to Kate Homes of Carried Away Chefs

18. The Gift Of Gab

In social media communication is your strongest asset. Women tend to be better at communication on social networks. Some people call it the “Gift of Gab”. Essentially to be successful on Twitter or Facebook, you need to be able to have a fun and active conversation with people. You also need to be able to join in conversations and communicate effectively the true meaning of what you are trying to say. Women are strong in being able to communicate effective and emotionally intelligent messages within the limitations of social networks. The gift of gab has become a business skill!

Thanks to Lauren MacEwen of SM Cubed Consulting

19. Resiliency

Women who are in business, and STAY in business, are resilient to handle whatever comes to them. Traditionally, women do experience more stereotypes, more abuse (whether verbal or physical), more expectations to care for others, more expectations regarding physical appearance, etc. Woman in business are strong enough to overcome the extra obstacles in order to develop a business. They go out into a world dominated by men (business), and claim their right to be in business for themselves. That’s a long way from being considered someone else’s “property.” It was less than 100 years ago when we were even able to vote. In fact, woman-owned businesses are growing in number each year.

Thanks to Heather Lopez of Heather Lopez Enterprises LLC- The Mom Entrepreneur®

20. Women Are All That And Then Some!

Women have demonstrated exemplary leadership through their engagement with business. Through their lead, hard work and driven spirits, business is no longer business as usual. Business has a whole new meaning and has gone to a different level. Their keen insight and objectives bring a flash of color, creativity merged with greatness. Women are: Committed beyond belief; Have implemented the best business practices in the work environment; Created a new and emerging infrastructure and change that has brought about progress to a new and emerging world.

Thanks to Chantay Bridges of Clear-Choice Realty & Associates

21. Businesswoman Is A Balanced Lover

Balance is the best asset women entrepreneurs bring to the business world. I have seen women try to act like men to get respect. I made a decision that I can be firm and loving which leaves people with their dignity. If you can have someone shake your hand when you fire them, you have done a good job.

Thanks to Tamatha Grabin of Baby Riddle

22. Sheer Determination

Breaking from the stereotype, “A women’s place is in the home” – we have evolved to become SuperMoms, powerful executives, successful entrepreneurs, leaders and more. I believe sheer determination is one of the greatest assets that women can bring to the table…look how far it has gotten us! Breaking the glass ceiling and shattering once acceptable paradigms, we now have the confidence, will and ambition to be as great as our male counterparts in the world of business.

Thanks to Tasha Mayberry of Social Media 22

23. Women Have The Ability To Withstand Tremendous Pain

The best asset a women brings to the business table is THE ABILITY TO
WITHSTAND PAIN! Having menstrual cramps for 6 days of every month since we
were age twelve has taught us how to push ahead even when we are in pain
(broke, sick, out matched, overworked, under staffed, etc.).

It’s like the universe gave us our very own boot camp on survival. After
mastering women’s biology, being a wife and motherhood, business is easy!

Thanks to Lori Dennis of Lori Dennis, Inc.

24. Tech Is SEXY! (Again)

I knew how important it was to use your creative instincts as one strength to start a business, but following your intuition on what should be “sexy” is something quite different. This is what I did when starting my business.

I think women business owners understand more readily that creativity isn’t enough for business success, you have to find some way to make your good idea “sexy.” People are often afraid of new technologies, but by making it appealing, you greatly improve your business success and hit unique markets.

Thanks to Jen Portland of Excel Rain Man

25. Quiet Determination Roars!

Grit your teeth and get it done! I began my business during the recession and it was not easy, even more difficult because of the stereotypes associated with women entrepreneurs.

I learned that a smile goes a long way, but there’s just no replacement for hard work. “No” isn’t in a word in my vocabulary. I’m determined, but quiet about it… you get more done that way! Now, a thriving business is what I have to show for it!

Thanks to Christina Cozzi of Camelot Public Relations & Marketing Communications (Camelot Communications)

26. Kill With Kindness

Kindness goes a long way and it helps you get the things you want and need. In the fashion industry, “nice” doesn’t always have the best connotation, it can be easily misconstrued as naive and weak. Yet, kindness has gotten me farther in my career than drama, made me more life-long work friends than bitchiness, and has afforded me within my community a feeling of safety, respect and creativity, thus leaving me with a staff that is happy to do anything to make the project a success. Many women are catty and competitive (or just insecure), but I have found that women who possess kindness as part of their work repertoire, truly hold the key to all the riches.

Thanks to Kristina Moreno of Handbago.com

27. A Woman’s Attentiveness Adds Great Value To Business

Women have a natural penchant for paying attention to people and things happening in their environment. This is a valuable trait because attentiveness is key in establishing, building and strengthening relationships.

Strong relationships are vital to business growth & development. When a woman develops her capacity to cultivate connections by sharpened intuition, being attentive and active listening, she adds immeasurable value.

Men often thrive from competition & conquering; women excel more by being cooperative & constructive ~ especially with supportive relationships.

Good relationships are rewarding ~ women in business must not be afraid to incorporate their intrinsic ability to discern and develop productive, profitable and resourceful relationships. A valuable asset!

Thanks to Val McLeod of Conversations With V!

28. Cooperation Versus Domination

I believe that the most important trait that women bring to the leadership table is a spirit of cooperation. Men are taught that they need to dominate to succeed, and ruthless annihilation is completely within the realm of acceptance and admiration. For women, success is usually much gentler. It serves to uplift and unite. Perhaps the most succinct way to express this is that men frequently look for the “I win” scenario, whereas women look for the “win-win” scenario. I believe that the business world needs more women in leadership positions who are unspoiled by the idea that they need to be like men to succeed. They are more likely to inspire trust and a true following, which can only enhance their ability to lead organizations to accomplish their goals.

Thanks to Monique Y. Wells of Understanding Time Management

29. To Be Powerful Is An Inside Job

As a woman entrepreneur, I would say listening is my best asset. I take time to listen to myself and understand what I really want. To me this means getting in touch with my emotions, being honest with myself and then letting go of the fears so I can be powerful. It also means listening to fellow coworkers and customers. Being able to listen with emotion allows me the opportunity to understand their perspective and decide how I want to execute. To be powerful is an inside job. Everyone that I come in contact with must feel free to be who they want to be. Business is all about relationships and fulfilling needs. Truly understanding what is needed and filling those needs keeps me passionate about my life journey.

Thanks to Ellie Peterson of Ellie’s Meditative Movements

30. Go With The Flow

I interviewed 21 millionaires, five of whom were women, to find out how and why they did what they did.

The commonalities? Hard work and they went with the flow.

Thanks to Brandon Pipkin of Author of 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires

31. Women Bring FAIRNESS To The Table

As a woman in business, I’ve been told that one of the best assets I bring to the table is fairness to all. I think that we as women value equality and fairness, and I don’t think we should downplay our feminine attributes. Call it motherly or whatever you want to, but I think that most females are generally compassionate and understanding, and want what’s best for everyone. Whether it be employees, clients, or vendors, I do feel that when I make decisions, I make them in the interest of all, and I’m proud to have been noticed for that.

Thanks to Sara Schoonover of TicketKick®

32. By Nature

Women are organized by nature. They often have to do multiple things at once and they’re good at it. Women often do not compartmentalize, but look at the bigger picture and strategize well. By keeping the big picture in mind they are able to stay focused. We get things done!

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation

33. Not To Belabor It, It’s Collaboration!

I am surrounded by women entrepreneurs (happily) — my coach is a woman, almost all my Mastermind colleagues are women and the predominance of my clients are women. The biggest asset I see from women entrepreneurs is bringing a spirit of collaboration. A networking event for women will have a spirit of sharing ideas and building bigger results together, whereas a mixed group will often have a more guarded and competitive approach. Sharing of success becomes something to be celebrated by women. I am a smart guy to surround myself with so many supportive women!

Thanks to John Rasiej of Speak Louder Than Words

34. Balance – Women Do It All!

As a female business owner, wife, and mother, I believe one the biggest assets of female entrepreneurs is BALANCE. This is a tremendous tool in leadership with regard to empathy, ambition, guidance, and growth. I am reminded daily of the true importance of life beyond work and find ultimate joy in my children, yet my passion and ambition is equality dedicated to my business. I believe with this balance of love for the many aspects of life, I am able to better relate to and motivate my team. As an added bonus, since I happen to be in the children’s apparel business, I can easily run my business by the Golden Rule…I treat our customers the way I would want to be treated. This is easy since I am one!

Thanks to Amber Schaub of RuffleButts, Inc.

35. Quality Over Quantity

Most entrepreneurs know the value of networking, but women know the value in building relationships. They network with the mindset of quality over quantity. Women nurture a network of support and partnerships that take its time to grow. Women are very lucky as there are a plethora of groups, meet-ups and clubs focused on women entrepreneurship or women in business. Use them; surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are doing what you are doing. That connection, that education, that relationship building is invaluable. Simply put, women want to help other women. So seek it out and use it. It will pay itself back in spades. It has for me!

Thanks to Leslie Josel of Order Out Of Chaos

36. Multitasking Creatively And Productively

To me, the best asset women bring to business is a unique perspective to think creatively and productively. Being an entrepreneur, wife and a mother, I am challenged to multitask responsibilities of owning a business and keeping home life running as smoothly as humanly possible. It takes a healthy combination of extreme organization, time management, sales skills and coffee to keep it all going, which often means I need to be creative in my execution. These are all skills that translate from home to business on a daily basis. Especially the coffee.

Thanks to Helen Johnson of Tiny Toes Dance Academy

37. Being Balanced

As a female business owner, you learn the importance of balancing one’s life. We have to take care of, not only our homes and families, but also make a commitment to ensure the success of our companies. Women have an excellent built-in sense of balance. We have the ability to juggle our responsibilities to ensure that each part of our lives is maintained, organized and cared for. If you lead a balanced life, every part of your world senses it and flourishes under its structure. A balanced leader gives their employees, customers and company a sense of stability that is necessary to perform. You can’t display stress or disorganization; people will feel that and lose their drive.

Thanks to Dema Barakat of Velocity Merchant Services

38. Power Moms

There are so many powerful women in business and I believe women bring so much to the table in terms of smarts, emotion, passion, know how and finesse! I am going to focus on POWER MOMS because I believe this population are the cream of the crop, even though some might not “buy” that!

Moms are focused more than ever, they only have so much time, so what time they do have, they are right down to work and right down to results. They are passionate beings, I don’t think there is a more passionate creature on earth than a mom, and she brings that passion to business–and fuels her role as a mom into her business! Even though she is into her work and her work might be her baby, she also realizes the most important thing to her is a child, and that softens her in a good way. She is more understanding of others, because others are someone else’s child.

She especially wants to prove herself, she wants to show she can balance both a kick ass career and have a family and she will go non-stop until she creates results. Furthermore, assuming her income supports her family, there is no stopping her, it is not just
recognition, it is providing for her family and giving them a certain life style and opportunity.

Thanks to Pam Guyer of HIPP MOMS

39. A Strong Sense Of Knowing & Confidence!

On my online show, I’ve interviewed 125 successful people (most of them women). Successful women have a strong sense of knowing and confidence. They are following their purpose and making a difference. That is the characteristic I admire the most among them.

Thanks to Krizia MissK of Women Entrepreneurs HQ

40. Multi-Tasking To Make A Difference

Businesses and nonprofits do not operate in a vacuum. At any given moment, there are competing demands often requiring multi-tasking skills. Multi-tasking skills are just one of many strong qualities that women bring to the table in both business and at home. Multi-tasking might not be as effective for completing work efficiently all of the time, but in situations that require swift action and execution, these multi-tasking skills are paramount to being successful. In working with lots of individuals on a mission to make a difference, multi-tasking skills in the women have always stood out and been extremely impactful to each iMADdu “I make a difference, do you?” project we take on.

Thanks to Mona Anita Olsen of iMADdu (I make a difference, do you?)

41. Be Assertive

I believe the best asset women entrepreneurs bring to business is being assertive. Assertive women simply state their opinions, while being respectful of others. Being assertive, rather than passive or aggressive, allows a more effective flow in your business and allows for overall growth.

Thanks to Karen Barksi of KB Designs/Woombie/Mod’Swad

42. Effective Communication Skills

We believe the single best asset that powerful women have is the ability to communicate effectively for a positive outcome. Even when the message is not good, women know how to frame bad news between a compliment and a thank-you. Further, when powerful women are delivering good news, they can communicate the enormous part the person played in the making the good news happen. Many women garner this skill when raising children.

Overall, women can read their audience and use their communication skills to their advantage in all situations.

Thanks to Holly Hurd of VentureMom

43. Summon The Strengths Of Others

A strong woman entrepreneur knows how to summon the strengths in others. She is a team player capable of teaching and sharing the spotlight for the overall gain of her business.

Thanks to Robin Gorman Newman of Motherhood Later…Than Sooner

44. Come On Over & Make Yourself At Home

The science and structures of business can be learned by just about anyone. And if you aren’t very adept in a certain area, well then you can hire someone who is!

What you can’t get in an MBA program is a natural and authentic ability to make people feel comfortable, acknowledged and respected. And the truth is, most people yearn for that above all else.

I was taught as a young girl to create environments that were comfortable and inviting, starting with my own room. This attribute has stuck with me during my 35 years as a serial entrepreneur and business leader.

Over the years I have started six companies in real estate and in aviation; one went public on the NYSE. I have never had a problem pulling together great teams because I knew how to create an environment that respected the individual. I knew how to develop business climates that allowed for self-expression, encouraged achievement and fostered inclusiveness and cooperation; all foundations for a winning team.

Women are long practiced in the art and beauty of true hospitality; an attribute that attracts talent, recognizes the individual, pulls together teams and fuels potential.

Thanks to Betty Shotton of Liftoff Leadership

45. The Woman’s Touch For Business

The keys to success in today’s global, highly competitive marketplace are:

1. Collaboration – Strategic alliances and business partner relationships are now a requirement for success.

2. Holistic Perspectives – You must see the forest for the trees.

3. Vision – Abstract thinking and strategic visioning are required to see the horizon and above.

Women tend to be much better at all of these. Our ability to multi-task, plan ahead and develop relationships make women the ideal leader of the future.

Though women entrepreneurs tend to start businesses for life-style instead of competitive reasons, we bring a steady hand to growth. Our businesses may not grow as fast but they tend to have better foundations.

What I am describing here is the woman’s touch for business.

Thanks to Katie Gailes of SmartMoves International

Thanks so much again to all our wonderful contributors for sharing the best assets you believe women bring to the business table! We hope to hear from you again.

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