Monthly Archives: September 2010

Communication Styles: Rapport versus Report

It’s truly amazing how socialized the communication styles of men and women are in Western culture.  From childhood, girls are praised for working together, talking about their feelings and listening.  Boys are encouraged to be direct, speak their opinion and be independent.  In adult life this translates to different approaches to communication in business.  Men […]

Brave Women in a World of Male Bravado

Where do little girls learn to how to be brave? Certainly not by bearing witness to the ego-driven bravado of little boys.  And yet, one of the greatest qualities of a female entrepreneur is her ability to demonstrate bravery every time she stands toe to toe with her fear. Starting and running a business can […]

Why Assertive Businesswomen Get a Bad Rap

Whether you’re in Corporate America or are a small business owner, being a woman in business can be tough when you need to be.  Gender disparity is alive and well in business where men are rewarded for being assertive and women are labeled as barracudas or worse. When men “get in touch with their feminine […]

The Alphabet for Women Entrepreneurs

For the all the women who have yet to take the leap of faith and start your own business you may be grappling with the question, “Do I have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?” I answer your question with two more… Can anyone become an entrepreneur? —  Yes. Will everyone succeed? —  […]