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Who’s Your Biggest Business Crush?

No matter how many years you’ve been in business, or how successful you’ve become, my guess is that you have a business crush. There might be someone you admire, who is where you’d like to be. Perhaps you have been following someone for months or years who inspires you to be a better version of […]

Taking the Solo Out of Being a Solo Entrepreneur

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #32 I am very excited to be continuing this new series on the topic of Biggest Business Challenges from my tribe members. This week’s business challenge comes from Jill Chivers, founder of ShopYourWardrobe.com. Like most who take the entrepreneurial leap, we don’t take much time to consider the ramifications […]

Biggest Secret to Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #29 How do you become a business attraction magnet? The answer has nothing to do with networking, marketing, or sales. It has everything to do with you — you upholding your highest priorities and scheduling time for self-care. Because if you are the type of person who regularly burns […]

Show Some Leg in Your Business

If you were watching the Oscars a couple of weeks ago, you were privy to the latest fad in show biz, now referred to as Jolie’ing. One right leg made history worldwide in a matter of moments in a memorable pose on the red carpet. Was it a blatant attempt to draw attention, comments, and […]

Don’t Choke Your Business Muse

Performance Tip of the Week As a business owner, you are well aware of the onslaught of distractions that can lure you from your purpose at every turn. Some are valid paths, projects, and trainings to be considered, but the majority of the “clutter and noise” are things you should ignore. But what do you […]

When You’ve Got Mail…Lots of It!

Do you ever feel overrun by your email inbox? There are times when mine takes on a life of its own. Why? Because I love signing up for interesting newsletters, offers, and events. The problem? I don’t have enough time to read it all. The great news? I recently had a conversation about this with […]

Question of the Week – August 22, 2011

This week’s question is – Best Live Event for Entrepreneurs Every year there are live events around the globe focused on blogging, social media, entrepreneurship, empowering women, etc. Investing in live events can be game changing through the training, making new connections, expanding your vision, and being inspired or challenged by others. What was the […]