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How To Create an Inviting Brand

…and Stay Away From Icky Marketing None of us like the idea of what our guest marketing expert, Erin Ferree, refers to as “icky marketing,” and would prefer to avoid it like the plague. Luckily, Erin has a solution by way of a shift in your focus about what marketing should be. I can guarantee […]

Show Some Leg in Your Business

If you were watching the Oscars a couple of weeks ago, you were privy to the latest fad in show biz, now referred to as Jolie’ing. One right leg made history worldwide in a matter of moments in a memorable pose on the red carpet. Was it a blatant attempt to draw attention, comments, and […]

Using Stories to Land More Clients

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #12 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Michelle Salater, President of Súmer LLC, who shared her best strategies for clarifying and strengthening your marketing message by effectively telling your story. Learn the elements Michelle recommends you incorporate to create a unique and powerful […]

How to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode 1 On my very first episode of the new Spotlight on Success Show, I bring you the expertise of Ally Piper, Founder of Marketing in Bloom, with great tips on how to automate your marketing so that you stay ahead of the “8” ball, and on target toward your […]

What makes you come alive?

From communications expert, Laura Petrolino, of Flying Pig Communications, a great post on the importance of infusing your marketing and sales plan with your passion.  This approach is essential to sharing the best of who you are with your audience.  (originally published on FlyingPigCommunications.com) “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come […]

4 Tips to Rock Your Career

It’s amazing how our experiences of the past teach us priceless lessons we can use in the present, to guide us into a prosperous future.  Social Media and Marketing expert, Lisa Kalner Williams did just that.  Learn the four important rules she followed in the past, that continue to guide her to bigger and better […]