What makes you come alive?

From communications expert, Laura Petrolino, of Flying Pig Communications, a great post on the importance of infusing your marketing and sales plan with your passion.  This approach is essential to sharing the best of who you are with your audience.  (originally published on FlyingPigCommunications.com)

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurmond

This quote sums up the essence of a successful business (and marketing plan for that matter) in my opinion. As important as it is to look at customer trends, know your market, cater to your customer’s needs and desires and work within their worldview…in the end, if you aren’t doing what you are passionate about, why are you doing it?

The best, most organic marketing for your business is your personal passion for it. When a customer is able to easily see your excitement and passion about the service/product you offer, they are instantly able to trust your ‘sales’ pitch better.

Formulating a business around your personal strengths and passions also help you distinguish yourself from the crowd. You are a unique individual, that should shine through. If it doesn’t you are just like every other knife in the drawer.

….instead, be a steak knife, or a tomato knife…..even better- be chopsticks!

Laura Petrolino is Managing Director of Flying Pig Communications, a communications and business consulting firm which focuses on the needs of startups, small business and non-profits. She also serves as Chief Communications Officer at Ignite Venture Partners, which brings together consulting, capital, and concept incubation to build value in businesses of all sizes and stages, and across industries.. Find her on twitter @lkpetrolino and @365startups

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