Handling Criticism without Losing Your Cool

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up!

I have to apologize for not being around much this month. I’ve been hard at work on a new project that I hope to share with you soon. As can happen sometimes, I set some really high goals for myself, and found that something had to give. But that doesn’t mean that connecting with you wasn’t always on the forefront of my mind. But I’m back! And happy to bring you a new Weekly Wrap Up.

At some point in your life, you have been the recipient of criticism. It’s one thing, if that criticism is constructive in nature. It’s not any fun, when it is negative. So what’s a girl to do, when facing a harsh review?

This weekly wrap up was designed to share the blogs, websites and/or businesswomen that I found particularly helpful this week.  My top blog picks this week center around how to keep your cool when the heat is on. Enjoy!

Top Blog Picks

Four Step Program for Dealing with a Bad Boss
If you’ve been in the workforce long, you’ve had a run in with a bad boss. You know the type — Ms Mary “Moody”, Joe “Micromanager” Johnson, and “Perfectionistic” Peterson. Barbara Safani (@barbarasafani) offers a 4 step process to handling a difficult boss — Detect, Detach, Depersonalize, and Deal. Not every situation warrants quitting, but there are times when you might just have to leave. Check out this great post that offers great insight and answers to some of the tough questions.

Criticism: Like It or Not, Here’s How to Respond
No matter how much you try to set healthy boundaries in life, there are people you just can’t avoid, who thrive on being critical of others. You might have one in your immediate family, or find that critics are coming out of the woodwork as your business gains the spotlight. Ali Brown (@AliBrownLA) suggests you start by checking your feelings at the door. See her 3 other tips to gracefully handling uninvited comments.

How to Handle Surprise Criticism
You tend to be your own worst critic, but nothing is worse than thinking everything is going swell and getting blindsided by criticism. Even the seasoned experts, like Peter Bregman (@peterbregman) can get rattled from time to time. In this great post for the Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz), Bregman describes scenarios in which he was caught off guard, how he handled criticism and has come to value it as a field guide in life and business.

Featured Site

If you have yet to check out Women Business Owners Cafe you are missing out. This is THE place for aspiring or existing business owners to get discovered, promoted, and connected with like-minded professionals. From the inspiration of Jan Hefferin, this site offers great ways to gain traction for your business and make some great friends along the way.

I am honored to be the featured expert at WBOCafe, so don’t miss my interview with Jan Hefferin. For more information, you can follow the latest WBO updates on Twitter @WBOCafe. Sign up for your free membership today, by visiting WBOCafe. It’s time to start connecting!

Woman of Excellence

I am so pleased to present Brene Brown (@BreneBrown) with our Woman of Excellence Award this week. I started following Dr. Brown a couple of months ago after viewing her amazing Tedx Houston presentation on The Power of Vulnerability. I was blown away by her wisdom and insight, and have been a fan ever since.

If you haven’t been following this amazing woman, I highly recommend that you rectify that mistake today. Dr. Brown is an expert on the topics of vulnerability, courage, authenticity (one of my favorites), and shame. You will learn how to embrace your potential by working and living from a place of authenticity and self-worth. Let go of your need to be perfect, and just love being you.

Check out her latest blog post and challenge to make your online space “cruelty, cage, and copying free.” Follow her on Twitter @BreneBrown. You won’t be sorry you took the time. 🙂

That wraps up this post. I hope you enjoyed my picks for the week.
In case you were wondering, I have no affiliate relationship with anyone I call to your attention on this blog. This is simply my way of spreading the news about information and individuals I have found particularly helpful.
Until next week, keep reading, keep learning, keep growing!


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