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Because You’re Amazing

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up! I really enjoy reading about people who bravely choose to just be who they are, finally deciding that they are self-worthy. In my searches for posts on the subject of authenticity, I had fun traveling down several rabbit holes. I find some of the best blogs, when I just […]

Climbing Out of the Pit of Perfectionism

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up! Have you ever gotten caught up in a cycle of perfectionism? When it comes to your business, it’s only natural to always want to put your best foot forward. But that shouldn’t come at the cost of never getting yourself out there. I know what it’s like to want […]

Tips to Start Up Smart

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up! Nothing is more misleading than the start-up stories that depict overnight success. More often than not, people neglect to be completely transparent and share the struggles and actual timeline that lead to their business making it onto the map. This week I looked for honest stories of hard work, […]

Handling Criticism without Losing Your Cool

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up! I have to apologize for not being around much this month. I’ve been hard at work on a new project that I hope to share with you soon. As can happen sometimes, I set some really high goals for myself, and found that something had to give. But that […]

Top Biz Tips for 2011 – Weekly Wrap Up

Happy New Year! Are you still getting used to writing “11” instead of “10” on everything? Plus, I think I may have left my brain in December because I am having trouble writing “01” instead of “12.” Ready or not, the New Year has arrived! Are you prepared to take it by storm? A lot […]

Biz Tips from Santa Claus – Weekly Wrap Up

Merry Christmas Eve! I can’t believe that Santa will begin his journey around the world tonight, making Christmas wishes come true, far and wide. Delivery has probably been much easier since the invention of GPS navigation. Father Christmas has become the entrepreneur of note this season. This jolly man definitely has style and some serious […]

Being Good to Yourself & Your Biz – Weekly Wrap Up

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and got knocked upside the head with a mean stick? Perhaps you need to hit the rewind button on your life and figure out when Ms. Hyde decided to come out and play. […]