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Bringing Your Best Self to Work

As a Peak Performance Specialist, I understand the importance of teaching women how to bring their “A” game day after day to business. So within our theme of starting the New Year strong, I invited guest expert, Maureen Daniek to share her five powerful strategies for how you can bring your best self to work. […]

57 Creative Ways to Enjoy “ME Time”

Burning the candle at both ends consistently leaves you with only enough energy to operate at 50% or less. The best way to prepare to perform at peak levels when it counts is to take time off on a regular basis to rest, refresh and renew your mind, body and spirit. This is what I […]

What’s Your Value?

Performance Tip of the Week – July 20, 2011 My inspiration for this performance tip comes from @MrsGirlsLikeMe… My immediate response to this tweet was, “Priceless” — and no, I’m not talking about being pretentious or narcissistic — this is about commanding respect and care from others by demonstrating how much you respect and care […]

The Truth Behind Procrastination

Tip of the Week – May 25, 2011 Our society has become less about working toward goals, and more driven toward immediate gratification.  The great loss in this shift is the elation that comes at the end of successfully toiling away at a worthwhile endeavor. Adding a personal battle with procrastination to the equation only […]

Loving Yourself Makes A Difference in Business

Welcome to the Tip of the Week! For my final tip, during this month of LOVE, I wanted to address the person to which you should show the most care — YOU.  This is not carte blanche to be selfish, narcissistic or egotistical, rather direction to avoid regularly neglecting yourself.  You will find that I […]

Keeping the Love Alive

Welcome to the Tip of the Week! Let’s be honest.  There are days when your business just sucks!  You are tired and frustrated, and wonder what the hell happened to doing what you love.  Yes, momma said there’d be days like this… To be honest, the best way to get out of a slump is […]

Being Good to Yourself & Your Biz – Weekly Wrap Up

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and got knocked upside the head with a mean stick? Perhaps you need to hit the rewind button on your life and figure out when Ms. Hyde decided to come out and play. […]