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Reflect Your Best in Business and Life

Performance Tip of the Week Most of what you do in business is a reflection of how you think about yourself. From your marketing messages to your interactions with customers, it’s important to regularly self-check and examine what you are conveying through your words and actions. Worrying about pleasing the whole world is a waste […]

What’s Your Value?

Performance Tip of the Week – July 20, 2011 My inspiration for this performance tip comes from @MrsGirlsLikeMe… My immediate response to this tweet was, “Priceless” — and no, I’m not talking about being pretentious or narcissistic — this is about commanding respect and care from others by demonstrating how much you respect and care […]

Labels Can Make You or Break You

Welcome to my Tip of the Week! We all have labels attached to the way we see ourselves. How is your self-image and self-worth depicted? And how is that supporting your path to the fulfillment of your dreams? Do you like to think of yourself as: “Awesome Accountant” — “Kick-ass Consultant” — Outrageously Amazing Organizing […]