Bringing Your Best Self to Work

As a Peak Performance Specialist, I understand the importance of teaching women how to bring their “A” game day after day to business. So within our theme of starting the New Year strong, I invited guest expert, Maureen Daniek to share her five powerful strategies for how you can bring your best self to work. Thanks Maureen!


5 Key Ingredients

Which “self” did you bring to work today? Was it “Dopey”, “Sneezy”,  “Sleepy”, “Doc”, “Grumpy” or “Happy”? Building a rewarding business or career requires showing up each day with your “best” and that requires personal practices and skills that are honed and integrated into your life 24/7.

The #1 ingredient is “self-care.”

“Sneezy” and “Sleepy” won’t sustain you for the long haul. Paying attention to diet (notice the afternoon drag that comes with junk food) is essential, as is getting enough sleep, and staying healthy and well.

Chart your food intake for a week, noting the times you eat and track your corresponding energy levels. Observe and learn what you body needs and wants. Caffeine, alcohol, and sugar may be putting you on a roller coaster ride!

And don’t forget rest, a lack of sleep will make you foggy and a lousy decision maker. Give your exercise quotient a boost while you are at it — play tennis, racquet ball or take a Zumba Class!  Self-care is so critical, I have it as number #1. You cannot be a dynamic entrepreneur exuding passion for your business without giving passion and compassion to your self.

The #2 ingredient is about giving your “gifts.”

If you aren’t, you will indeed be “Grumpy”! This means you need to know what they are. What do you love doing? When does time fly by for you? What accomplishments are you most proud of in your life? What activities are you drawn to when you have free time? If you are still stuck, ask people who know you well, what they see as your unique gifts.

The 3rd ingredient is “Vision.”

What is your picture of where you are going? Can you see it, touch it, feel it, taste it, and smell it?  What do you want to make happen? What direction do you want your career or business to move towards?  Without this picture, you don’t have a GPS system to guide your decision-making. Having a vision will help you gain the necessary laser focus and clarity you need to map out a plan.

The #4 ingredient is being “centered” and grounded.

“Dopey” won’t do. Here, I am talking about being solid in yourself, about who you are and what you are up to. You “know your stuff”, you are confident, you believe in what you are doing. You can “back up your act.” If this isn’t you, take a look at the “fit barometer”—are you in the right spot?

The #5 ingredient is “Action.”

This is the coming together of your healthy self with your unique gifts, focused on a vision, implemented by a “grounded you”, passionate and poised for implementation. This requires the breaking down of the vision into specific action steps that you can take each day. This is where you get to shine and see your dream come alive.

Implement these ingredients in your life, and “Happy” will be your best working self.


Maureen Daniek, MSW is a “Life Coach” who works with individuals going through life transitions related to major life changes such as career change, divorce, retirement, and lifestyle changes. She was a psychotherapist for over 30 years and also spent 6 years as an executive in the corporate world. She is passionate about coaching individuals who are seeking a life of meaningful and fulfillment.

Connect with Maureen via Email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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