16 Powerful Business Mantras for 2012

If you took part in the 12 Days of Experts that I offered in December, then you probably were fortunate enough to watch the video interview I did with Natalie MacNeil, Founder of SheTakesontheWorld.net, among other things. Natalie spoke of the power of using mantras in her business, and I was intrigued. I am known for encouraging entrepreneurs to use Post-It notes as reminders of personal and business affirmations, but haven’t personally used mantras. That is changing for 2012.

One of my new mantras is – “I am being flooded by a steady flow of ideal clients, whose businesses are being powerfully transformed to rapidly reach their biggest goals without sacrificing themselves in the process.” I wanted to know yours for the New Year too, and asked –

What is your mantra statement that is leading you to a bigger and bolder business presence and action in 2012?

Our lovely contributors shared some powerful statements that they will be using to launch boldly into the New Year. I hope that you will post yours in the comments below. I find that we can learn so much for each other as we all work smarter to take our businesses to the next level. Enjoy!

1. Why Just One Mantra?

I actually have 3 mantras that I am currently embracing. They are: 1. Believe 2. Challenge Yourself To Change and 3. Dream Bigger, Reach Higher, Shine Brighter (gee, I wonder where I got that from?) Thanks to the Sticky Notes program that I have om my computer I am able to keep these mantras pinned to the top center of my monitor where I am always able to see them. These words may be short and simple, but they are powerful enough to help me move my business forward in 2012.

Thanks to Barbara Goldberg of Back On Track Solutions

2. Be Magnificent!!

Right or wrong, this has motivated me beyond anything I’ve ever read. For me, I would rather go ‘all or nothing’ than settle for what is in between. I’ve watched the result of too many people who just settled and determined to never be that way.

I will be a magnificent success; or
I will be a magnificent failure; but,
I refuse to be magnificently average.
—–Randy Morrow

Thanks to Randy Morrow of Keller Williams Realty–Divorce Specialist

3. Get It Out…

You’d feel better if you talked about it, wrote it down and then, if appropriate, took action on it.

Nothing festers more than something unresolved, it poisons us and drags us down.

So get it out, get over it, move on and your focus thoughts on better questions, like, How can I increase sales, Why wouldn’t people want to do business with me, Where should I be to meet the best quality prospects, Who do I want to do business with, and What actions should I take, today, to get where I want to be and finally, When will I stop giving power to negative thoughts instead of positive questions that make me grow?

Thanks to Michael Bremmer of Telecomquotes.com

4. I Will Only Touch Things Once

Developing and implementing systems to enable everyone in the business to “touch things only once” whenever possible, is a key to an efficient and effectively run business. Think about how much time is spent on a particular issue and how you can streamline it to be more efficient while being effective. One example would be instead of the staff handing you a note that someone called and then you have to call them back many times before reaching them, have the staff set a phone appointment while they are talking to the client. This is only one way to reduce wasted time and provide better client service. There are so many more. Have a mantra of “I only touch things once”.

Thanks to Nancy Butler, CFP®, CDFA™, CLTC of Above All Else, Success In Life And Business

5. Inviting People To Come Play…

I am inviting new clients in to my (business) party with ease… they’re comfortable, happy, having fun and inspired playing with me.

Thanks to Erin Ferree of BrandStyle Design

6. I Use It Because It Works

Be intentional.

Thanks to Patti DeNucci of DeNucci & Co LLC

7. Business Mantra For 2012.

“Making The World A Little Less Taxing”.

Thanks to Cora Parks of Tax Today

8. Toot! Toot! On Your Horn

One of the most difficult challenges about being an entrepreneur, is that YOU are the one that must promote and sell yourself to the world. And that is hard for a lot of us – especially us women. But we need to understand and appreciate our own value, so it comes out passionately, rather than like a lame TV commercial.

My mantra: “I will get under myself, so I can get over myself”.

Thanks to Linda Pond of Linda Lee Pond

9. The Mantra That Never Changes

We adapt to change easily, thereby thriving in any economic environment by helping people find anything and everything they want, need or desire at a discount.

Thanks to Michael Pesochinsky of GovernmentAuctions.org

10. Embrace The Tornado

I walked away from my qualitative self-study methods class in 2011 with the idea that you have to embrace the tornado. This applies not only to researching new spaces but to operations of an organization. “Embrace the tornado” is our mantra for 2012. When thinking about projects for the upcoming year at iMADdu (I make a difference, do you?), I realize that we have to embrace the tornado of change and innovation to excel. There are winds that come and can change our direction–knowing which winds to resist and which to follow can be guided by our ability to embrace the winds as they come into our path. Embracing the tornado is also about the ability to accept and being willing to change. This mantra will help us make a difference in empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Thanks to Mona Anita Olsen of iMADdu (I make a difference, do you?)

11. Thinking Differently

I reach new heights through out-of-the-box thinking, and my positive outlook does all the guidance for my business success.

Thanks to Elik Aaron of SaleRacks

12. Say It Again And Again

We overcome any challenge, and emerge stronger, thereby being able to break through the thickness of any business obstacle without injury.

Thanks to I. Aronovich of Awardable

13. Pushing Past The Pain

We push through hardship with a strong mind state and a clear understanding to the pathway to business success. This has been our mantra from day one. We know that there are always going to be struggles and tests of our will power, but with a positive mind state, we have come out unscathed and much more driven.

Thanks to Max Aronson of Government-Auctions-Guide

14. Every Word Has A Purpose

All my words and actions are purposeful, and positively expand business opportunities. Everything you say or do might affect your future. This coming New Year we are going to make a positive change in regards to all aspects of our business. Most notably, we are going to increase the productivity of our marketing, public relations, and social media footprint.

Thanks to Eli Israel of Foreclosure Magic

15. The Mantra That Will Stick With You Forever

I am Blessed with and capable to constantly receive the Divine Plenty—and that always reflects in my future business achievements. For 2012, my business goals will be successfully accomplished due to the fact I’m always open to new ideas or thoughts about business. I take them in and figure out how I can implement them into my system for a positive output.

Thanks to Hans Eberstar of Auto Auctions

16. Selective Professional Development

I recently received a free primer from AbbyKerrInk.com containing 10 Declarations for Savvy Entrepreneurs. The 10th one particularly resonated with me because it speaks to the woman solopreneur’s need to carefully select mentors and coaches in this crazy world of online marketing. I’m making it my mantra for 2012. It goes like this: I’ll invest in professional development wisely and selectively when it’s time to grow my realm. I’ll respond to offers from a place of strength and opportunity rather than jumping on the latest bandwagon. I’ll discern who my true teachers are and watch them thoughtfully. I understand that my time is as important an investment as my money. I’ll filter through the noise to find the voices who truly nourish me and my vision. Big thanks to Abby Kerr!

Thanks to Monique Y. Wells of Understanding Time Management

Thanks so much again to all our wonderful contributors for sharing your exciting plans for 2012! We hope to hear from you again. And to all our readers, if you have an innovative idea to share, we hope you will leave it in the comments below.


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