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Queen of Procrastination Renounces Her Throne

Do you struggle with procrastination? Are there moments in your day when you long to be doing something else? If you carry the self-appointed title, Queen of Procrastination, it’s time to renounce your throne! Click Here to listen to my Cinch cast on the topic.  If you have tips that you’ve been using to effectively […]

72 Personal Accountability Tips for Solopreneurs

When you are the boss and have no one to answer to but yourself, there may be times when getting things done, especially the undesirable tasks, can be challenging.  We have all faced that challenge at one time or another, so last week we asked – As a solo entrepreneur, what single best strategy do […]

The Truth Behind Procrastination

Tip of the Week – May 25, 2011 Our society has become less about working toward goals, and more driven toward immediate gratification.  The great loss in this shift is the elation that comes at the end of successfully toiling away at a worthwhile endeavor. Adding a personal battle with procrastination to the equation only […]

Dethroning the Queen of Procrastination

This post was originally published on 365 Days of Startups. Ahhh..effective time management.  A life-long dream for someone like me who has spent her life on the procrastination highway.  But something happened as I traversed from my third decade to my fourth.  Was it some sort of internal alarm, genetically set by my parents’ genes?  […]