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Tip of the Week – Dec 29, 2010

As the year winds down and you prepare to start anew, focus only on the take-aways from the past year that will support you as you boldly enter a new season of your business and leave everything else behind.

Tip of the Week – Dec 22, 2010

Finding freedom, especially during the busy holiday season begins by having the courage to say one word — No.  Don’t be someone else’s doormat to be nice and sacrifice your values in the process. 

Tip of the Week – Dec 15, 2010

Being a successful woman entrepreneur is not about having it all — it’s about having the most important things in your life in balance.

Tip of the Week – Dec 8, 2010

90% of the ascent to your business success goals is determined by how you view yourself as the climber. Your attitude about yourself will drive your actions to the bottom or to the top, you decide.   And don’t miss my guest post at Blue Kite Marketing today – Seven Essential Strategies to Preventing Overwhelm.

Tip of the Week – Dec 1, 2010

There are no obstacles unless you put them there. By a simple change in perspective, suddenly your challenges become opportunities.

Tip of the Week – Nov 24, 2010

Note to all the perfectionists, like me.  Nothing in life is ever perfect.  When it comes to making rapid strides in your business, often good must be good enough.  

Tip of the Week – Nov 17, 2010

Build relationships with those who are already where you want to be.  Then work smart to catch up.