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She’s Virtually Amazing

Women (and men) are, thankfully, no longer tied to the traditional 9 to 5 grind of working for someone else, while sacrificing time with loved ones, or forgoing the activities they love.  Given the option to telecommute or start a business from home, women are continuing to change the way they do business, so that […]

The Best Entrepreneurs Are Transient Underdogs

In our society, we have become accustomed to cheering for the underdog.  And yet, in the business world, where women entrepreneurs are often labeled as underdogs, we don’t seem to be as supportive.  In my opinion, women, in any arena, are not the epitome of underdogs in any way, shape or form. According to the […]

Transparency is a Gift

Experience is one of the most valuable assets in business. Think about how much you rely on the things you’ve learned through the good, bad, and even ugly times. Every late night, early morning, stumble, victory, tear or bead of sweat has value — they are gifts. The lessons you take away from your experiences […]

It’s Okay to Be a Shining Star

Why aren’t you comfortable shouting your accomplishments from the rooftops?  You know you are great at what you do.  Even though you have competitors, you know there is no one else offering better solutions than you do, because no one else has the same unique set of gifts.  So what makes you shy away from […]

Risky Business – Not Just a Man’s Game

For so long, the story has been that men, not women, are the risk takers in life.  Does that still hold water?  Current studies would suggest that such stereotypes aren’t valid when it comes to women in business, where they are demonstrating courage and are driving profitability. “According to a survey by Boston’s prestigious Simmons School of Management, […]

A Queen is a Formidable Force in Business

Have you ever wondered what chess and business have in common?  Both have a powerful player — the Queen — and both require the ability to read and understand your opponent, the gift of “queens” in business.  Playing chess or the business game requires strategy, building relationships, and confidence. The Queen is the sole lady […]

Planning Razzle-Dazzle without the Frazzle

From turkey to tweets, preparing for the holidays and keeping their businesses on the cutting edge, women know how to plan for the future.  It’s at this time of year that the male of the species can do nothing other than stand back and watch in awe as women execute a holiday season to remember […]