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Women Are Orchestrating Their Way to Success

It’s amazing the different ways you can slice and dice the topic of leadership in business. You really can’t throw a rock at the internet without hitting an article on the subject, because effective leaders are successful leaders, and who doesn’t want to succeed? It’s an area that continues to undergo tremendous change as more […]

Are Women Changing the Rules of Negotiation?

Why does society sell women short when it comes to negotiating?  Women are in bargaining positions on a daily basis — from getting the family to agree on a vacation destination, to motivating compliance in a child, and finding win-win solutions when it comes to allocating their time to others.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t always translate […]

Business Mavens Leave Passivity to Men

Women entrepreneurs are naturals at achieving the rank of maven in their niche. For those who don’t know the history of the word, it originates from Yiddish and refers to a trusted expert whose goal is to spread her knowledge to others. That’s what women do. Seeking out new information and sharing great insights is […]

Lionesses Are Taking the Lead in Business

Women have often been compared to lionesses.  Like the elegant cat, women are hunters and defenders within the “Pride” and understand that there is power in numbers.  Lionesses are responsible for bringing home the bacon (or a take-out Zebra dinner) and tending the den.  It’s a big job. Women, like lionesses, take on roles of […]

Being a Killer Without Sacrificing Who You Are

Do you crave success?  Are you unwilling to settle for mediocrity in your life and career?   If you answered yes to both questions, what are you doing about it?  Anything? Recap – In my previous post, A Killer Instinct Can Still Be Pretty, I addressed the issue of the killer instinct in women, traditionally […]

A Killer Instinct Can Still Be Pretty

What is a Killer Instinct? Your mind may immediately jump to an image of an attack trained salesperson, ready to take down the opposition, no matter the cost — “backstabbers par excellence.”  That’s the epitome of a killer instinct on crack: “a strong will to win and an urge to succeed unmindful of the consequences […]

Step Aside Cirque du Soleil Jugglers

Entrepreneurs, especially mompreneurs, have the ability to rival even the best jugglers, the likes of those you would pay big bucks to see performing for Cirque du Soleil.  Did these ambidextrous women go to clown college to master the art of spinning plates atop long poles or handling fiery batons without singeing a single eyebrow?  […]