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The Exponential Value of Being a Connector

Welcome to stop #5 on the Productivity for Profits Summer Blog Tour and Giveaway! I’m honored to be among the 7 experts who are sharing their knowledge to give you the boost you need to enhance your productivity and profit! This week’s stop is designed to teach you how to avoid the overwhelm and insolation […]

What is really important?

On the days that you are buried under your to-do list, feeling financially pinched once again, or are just worn out, you may be left wondering why you do what you do? No one ever said that being an entrepreneur was the path of least resistance, and it really isn’t.  It’s not a journey for […]

The True Measure of Wealth

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Every year, when this truly green holiday rolls around, I can’t help thinking about Leprechauns and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If we were honest about our hopes and dreams when we started our businesses, I think most would admit that a part of those dreams […]

Why Can’t I

I hate making mistakes as much as the next woman. But I have found that the result of trying so hard to avoid them can be complete immobility. So instead of being stuck in fear, doubt or indecision, it’s much better to take a chance and stretch your wings. If you falter a bit in […]

Use Your Words and Just Say No

Last week I read a great post from Scott Ginsberg called, How to Keep Backbone Engaged.  It seems profoundly simple to just say “no,” and yet many women find that to be one of the most difficult words to say, even when it needs to be said. Why?! As I shared in the comments section, […]

Don’t Wait for Luck – Make it Happen!

When it comes to luck, I believe that it’s not something that you wait around on to land in your lap.  Sure there are those who waste spend money on lottery tickets, hoping that they will win big.  But the luckiest people I know are those who set themselves up to “win” big, and do. […]

What Possibilities Are You Creating?

This week I wrote about Embracing a Mindset of Possibility for 365 Days of Startups. I really encourage you to take the time to read this post. Getting more out of your life and business is not about working harder and creating more action.  It’s about wholeheartedly believing in your potential and leveraging that potential […]