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Refresh-Her Through the Eyes of Anne Emmerick

You have now seen The Refresh-Her Challenge through the eyes of Finance expert, Nicole Fende, and Network Marketing specialist, Kim Steadman.  I have been so grateful that my Founding Members were willing to allow you a glimpse into their experiences in The Challenge, so that you could see how it can positively impact your business, […]

Refresh-Her Through the Eyes of Kim Steadman

I hope you enjoyed the last post where I shared the Refresh-Her experiences of finance expert, Nicole Fende. In Part 2 of this series, I have the privilege of sharing my interview with another of our great Founding Members, Kim Steadman, owner of http://www.KimSteadman.com.  Kim also brought a unique perspective to the program with her […]

Refresh-Her Through the Eyes of Nicole Fende

If you are new to this blog, then you may not have a complete picture of me or what I do, and that’s okay. To help you out, and to answer some of the questions you might have about my signature program, The Refresh-Her Challenge, that just launched, this post will definitely shed some light on […]

A Refreshingly Different Approach to Q and A

Because The Refresh-Her Challenge is still a new program on the horizon, I decided that it might be helpful to create an interactive Forum where you could post any questions that you have about the  program for me to answer here. To submit a question, all you need to do is leave it in the […]

What is really important?

On the days that you are buried under your to-do list, feeling financially pinched once again, or are just worn out, you may be left wondering why you do what you do? No one ever said that being an entrepreneur was the path of least resistance, and it really isn’t.  It’s not a journey for […]

Are You Ready to Make Some Bold Changes?

Spring is right around the corner, and I have been hard at work creating a FREE video short course for you, so that you can do some Spring cleaning in your business house. So often, entrepreneurs get caught up on the hamster wheel of doing the busyness of business, and lose sight of what needs […]