Refresh-Her Through the Eyes of Kim Steadman

I hope you enjoyed the last post where I shared the Refresh-Her experiences of finance expert, Nicole Fende.

In Part 2 of this series, I have the privilege of sharing my interview with another of our great Founding Members, Kim Steadman, owner of  Kim also brought a unique perspective to the program with her expertise in the Network Marketing niche.

Following the end of the inaugural launch of The Refresh-Her Challenge in January, I asked Kim to answer some questions about her experiences, and she’s given me permission to share them with you.

When you first heard about The Refresh-Her Challenge, what motivated you to join the program?

“Truthfully, I am a HER, and I personally needed to be Refreshed. I am building a Network Marketing business, working full-time, caring for my parents, and a host of other things. As most any woman – I am wearing several hats. I was thinking/searching for ‘something’ to point me in the correct direction.

I considered it ‘synchronicity’ that the Refresh-Her Challenge came along.”

Having participated in The Refresh-Her Challenge, what specific benefits and positive changes have you experienced in your life and business?

“It became clearer to me to WRITE things down. The list included Goals, Hopes, Futures, Visions for the Future. But, too much was in my mind and not written down. Working through the lessons and writing the answers was important to me.

I’ve started thinking in my mind more often that I CAN achieve my dreams. Usually that statement was followed by ‘well, MAYBE I can if everything lines up just right’. I now realize it is up to ME to MAKE it happen.

It probably sounds a little cliché, but if you want things to change, you must change.  The Refresh-Her Challenge helped me not only to see where areas needed change, but systematic approaches to apply to bring about change.  I’ve come to embrace change and it is ‘Refreshing’!”

What was your favorite part of The Challenge?

“Your daily email writing style was, refreshing. No push for a product.  Your personal touch on any responses was very inspiring.”

Thank you, Kim!

Because I want to give our readers a complete snapshot of the program, what was your least favorite part of The Challenge?

“Not staying on track with the daily reading.”

(You’ll be happy to know that in the heavily upgraded version of The Challenge, the lessons are spread out over 12 weeks, so no more feelings of being behind the “8” ball in this program. 🙂

What parts of The Challenge we most valuable to you and why?

“The work sheets! What is reading without action! The worksheets caused me to evaluate all I had learned in the lessons and apply it.”

If you could modify the Challenge, what would you add, delete, change?

“During my first cycle of The Challenge I did not take advantage of any of the conference calls or interaction with others.  At the time ‘I couldn’t find the time.’  But, one of the realizations was that I was not the only one experiencing the need to be refreshed.  Connection and support from others helps the growth and change process and being able to be the provider of that support is rewarding as well.  I am looking forward to being a part of the Forum and hope to be of help and support to others.”

What were your expectations going into The Challenge, and how did the program meet or fall short of them?

“I expected to get insights to myself that may not be pleasant.  It met those expectations. Self Help is sometimes not the most pleasant as you realize the things that need to be fixed!”

(Putting ourselves under the microscope is not always fun, but a necessity to know where we need to grow.)

If you were to describe The Refresh-Her Challenge to a friend, client or colleague, what would you tell them about it?

“Get ready to pick yourself apart and find out some things about yourself that you didn’t know – but it’s all for your GOOD!”

Before you started The Challenge, what were some of the struggles/challenges you were, or were not aware of, that are no longer an issue for you?

“One was Lack of Action. Read, Read, Read, but no action can cause one’s brain to explode! It is exhausting!

For example, I had put my email ‘Inbox’ on information overload.  I was prone to visit a website that was interesting me and of interest in my Network Marketing business.  If they had some type of newsletter to opt into, I did it.  That was creating a full inbox of great content that I would read.  Understand there was great content in those emails.   But, my brain was being overloaded with information and no time to take action on any of it.   While studying The Challenge, I realized I needed to bring more focus to my business (and my personal life.)   So, I had to put my brain on a ‘diet.’  Focus on a couple of trainers, opt out of subscriptions. That way, I could read content and then have time to take Action on the content.  I started having a feeling that I was actually accomplishing something as I was able to complete projects.”

What is the biggest challenge you are still facing now, and how do you believe what you learned will assist you in tackling them?

“My biggest challenge is taking time for myself and not feeling guilty about it.  It has been something I have struggled with for years.  The Challenge truly pointed me in the direction that unless I took time for myself it was going to be difficult to build my business or fulfill any of my other roles.  So, I made a monthly plan for, well, for lack of better words.  I’ve made time for my ‘Me Time.’  I realize now that these are guilt free pleasures that everyone needs.”

Finally, how does The Refresh-Her Challenge continue to deliver tangible ROI for you?

“I am a reader. No, make that an absorber.  I don’t read something just once.  I read it again and again and review my notes.  Each repeat of reading uncovers a new nugget.  So with The Refresh-Her Challenge I truly think that a repetition of the program content will only bring further insights and revelations. We all know that neither life nor business ever stays constant.  There will always be room for improvement.”

Thank you, Kim for sharing your candid thoughts about The Refresh-Her Challenge, and your experiences in and out of it!

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