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Because The Refresh-Her Challenge is still a new program on the horizon, I decided that it might be helpful to create an interactive Forum where you could post any questions that you have about the  program for me to answer here.

To submit a question, all you need to do is leave it in the comments below.  As soon as I am notified of your question, I will post a response to it here.  My goal is to create an ongoing discussion on the in’s and out’s of this program, so that you are clear on the benefits and rewards of your participation in it.

Over the next few days, I will also be posting my interviews with a handful of Refresh-Her Challenge Founding Members, to share their real experiences (the good, the bad — and there is no  ugly) in the program.

So please take a moment to post your question in the comments below, and let’s get started!


I wanted to start by sharing some of the Q&A that went on during the live webinar presentation of Video #3

“Developing a new business takes so much work, how can you keep yourself from being spread too thin?” – Lauren

Great question, and one that most start-ups face because you are often the one who has to wear all the hats.  It’s so important to know your limits and set healthy boundaries when it comes to your time.  The Refresh-Her Challenge will assist you in planning a schedule that takes care of you, allowing you to take care of your business.  This means starting with your highest priorities – and you should be at the top of the list.  Once they are on your schedule, then you can add everything else.  I know it sounds backwards, but if you don’t schedule “ME” time for yourself, you will never take it. And if you don’t nurture yourself, you will not be in a position to perform with excellence when it counts, thereby missing opportunities to attract prosperity.

“Does this all follow the analogy of putting the rocks in the bottle before the sand…fill with the most important things before the lesser items.” – Heather

Exactly! It’s about making hard, but right choices when it comes to how you choose to spend your time, and learning when to say, No.  Women are notorious for overloading their schedules and then still trying to add more until there is hardly even room to breathe, let alone take care of themselves.  The Refresh-Her Challenge shows you that to be the best, means starting by taking the best care of yourself.  Imagine if you were constantly trying to operate at about 50%.  You can’t expect your results to be 100%.  So if you are serious about wanting to work more efficiently, and effectively then you must do what is necessary to keep yourself in championship form.

“Can this program help me to get brave again?” – Jennifer

Absolutely!  There is an entire Module dedicated to helping women overcome the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back.  You don’t just learn theory, you will be equipped to take immediate action.

“All the touchy feely stuff is great, but how do you turn kumbaya into cash with this program?” – Nicole

In The Refresh-Her Challenge you will be building a plan that not only lays the path to your income goals, but is something that you believe you are capable of achieving.  Flying by the seat of your pants in business won’t work.  And if you have no idea what kind of “cash” you desire, or what it will take to get there, then don’t plan on finding it any time soon.  This program solves these issues by showing women exactly what they need to do to lay out a plan that leads to the success they desire, and how to overcome the hurdles that have been standing in their way.

“How can The Refresh-Her Challenge help me to move forward?” – Linda

Each of the 5 Modules in this program build on each other, guiding you to the “finish line” that you determine you which to reach.  When you have a plan that works, and is focused on the outcomes you desire, and also have the tools to overcome the obstacles that would dare darken your path, you can’t help but move forward.

“How can I learn ways to become more organized and effective?” – Robin

The Refresh-Her Challenge teaches you how to take back control of your life and business.  Most women don’t even realize how and when they are giving up control, much less how to get it back when their to-do list is taking them for a wild ride.  This is about establishing structure where you might not have even realized you needed it, and calling the shots for a change.  By doing so, your business performance time will be much more organized and effective, providing you the results you desire.

“I am so busy already, what kind of time commitment is required for this program?” – Laura

My recommendation is that women don’t spend more than about 30 minutes a day on the lessons.  This gives you ample time to absorb the information and work through the action steps.  The program is laid out to give you one weekday and the weekend off, enabling you to reflect on the material or take it to a deeper level.  This program is what you make it, and my job is to guide you, as well as hold you accountable for taking the steps that will elicit the change you seek.

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