Refresh-Her Through the Eyes of Anne Emmerick

You have now seen The Refresh-Her Challenge through the eyes of Finance expert, Nicole Fende, and Network Marketing specialist, Kim Steadman.  I have been so grateful that my Founding Members were willing to allow you a glimpse into their experiences in The Challenge, so that you could see how it can positively impact your business, and resolve any questions you might have about this program.

We are in the final days of this launch, so if you haven’t grabbed your seat, no more excuses!  Sign up now, rather than looking back three months from now, still working your tail off and getting the same sorry results, wishing you had taken giant leaps forward with The Refresh-Her Challenge.

In Part Three of this series, I am honored to share my interview with Anne Emmerick, founder of  No Work Spanish, an innovative and easy way to learn Spanish. Anne’s story is common to start-ups, who are still trying to make ends meet with a full-time job, while starting a business on the side, with the hopes of being able to move to it full-time.  The dream of being your own boss for a change, and doing the work that you love, is the fire that pushes us forward.

Following the end of the inaugural launch of The Refresh-Her Challenge in January, I asked Anne to answer some questions about her experiences.  I hope you enjoy reading about how Anne’s experience in Refresh-Her has led to tangible changes in her life and business.

When you first heard about The Refresh-Her Challenge, what motivated you to join the program?

“The idea of taking my business to the next level.  I wasn’t happy with how my business was going and felt I needed some coaching, guidance, cheerleading.”

Having participated in The Refresh-Her Challenge, what specific benefits and positive changes have you experienced in your life and business?

“I’m much more likely to recognize the importance of taking care of myself, making sure that I am strong and healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally.  And I’m much more confident of the path I’m currently taking and where it will lead.”

What was your favorite part of The Challenge?

“The positive imaging – creating a vision board, but also the chapter where you think in terms of how you describe yourself – so upgrading my mental image of myself and my business and personal intentions.”

Because I want to give our readers a complete snapshot of the program, what was your least favorite part of The Challenge?

“Hmm… well that’s tough, was it the point where you suggested I might be complacent (a fighting word) or the point where I realized you might be right.  So I’ll say, admitting that there were cases where I was selling myself short.”

The truth is not always easy to swallow, but when we do, we grow. 🙂

What parts of The Challenge we most valuable to you and why?

“Hmm, probably the section that you had to give me “extra help” on – coming up with a specific game plan to reach my goals.”

If you could modify the Challenge, what would you add, delete, change?

“I haven’t had a chance to look at the forum yet.  But one item that I asked you about which you said probably wouldn’t be there, would be some kind of way to try to barter/exchange services with other members.  Like is there someone taking the course who is a social media whiz who could help me in exchange for…  well, what do they need help with or want (other than money).

Or, (maybe this is there) will we have any ability to find accountability partners?  I do have one good accountability partner, but what he doesn’t do, is he never says, “Anne, you’ve had this item on your list for 6 weeks now.  Are you going to do it, or not?  What’s your problem exactly?”  We have more of a friendly rivalry, then necessarily holding each other accountable.”

Excellent points! Bartering is becoming more common place as a way to control start-up costs. My hope is to build an ongoing Refresh-Her Community of women, who can network and achieve some of the goals you speak of, be they bartering or finding accountability partners.

What were your expectations going into The Challenge, and how did the program meet or fall short of them?

“Again, I was really looking to get my business to the next level – something a few notches above “still waiting for lift-off” – and I’m up a level or two from there.   I plan to continue to grow both myself and my business and I look forward to Shannon’s advice and encouragement to keep pushing me along.”

If you were to describe The Refresh-Her Challenge to a friend, client or colleague, what would you tell them about it?

“The Refresh-Her Challenge is about building up your business skills starting with yourself.  You have to be strong, resilient, resourceful to make it in business.  Talent, brains, even hard-work – those alone aren’t enough.  The course takes you through everything you’ll need to survive and then thrive in the business world.”

Before you started The Challenge, what were some of the struggles/challenges you were, or were not aware of, that are no longer an issue for you?

“I was very aware that I had many more ideas than I could possibly pursue with the hours available to me. And I had no idea which business ideas I should be focusing on.  Through the Challenge and Shannon’s help I was able to choose which strategies to focus on short-term and shush those voices of doubt and second-guessing in my head.  I also think of myself differently now that I am more aware of who I am – Absolutely Awesome Anne!”

I love your new-found title! Great work!

What is the biggest challenge you are still facing now, and how do you believe what you learned will assist you in tackling them?

“Despite being Absolutely Awesome Anne, I face big challenges in terms of not getting discouraged by trying to get a business going while still working the day job.

I’ve learned to brainstorm how to get help from others or simply skip doing certain tasks.  And I’ve realized that I’m in this for the long-haul, so I must have a sustainable strategy which includes nourishing myself, body and soul.”

Finally, how does The Refresh-Her Challenge continue to deliver tangible ROI for you?

“At this point I view Shannon both as a friend and a resource.  “A tangible ROI” – that’s a little harder.  My sales are not currently at a bragging level, but my actions which will lead to sales are at a whole new level.  In March, I have located six bloggers eager to review my product, written seven guest blog posts, and done my first radio interview.  Now that is at a whole new level than where I was at!

Told you I was Absolutely Awesome!”

Thank you, Anne for sharing your candid thoughts about The Refresh-Her Challenge, and your experiences in and out of it!

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