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What Is Your Theme Song?

In last week’s Wrap Up post I mentioned one of my favorite theme songs – Just The Way You Are. I have always found music and lyrics to be incredibly inspiring, and outlets for expression of my feelings at certain points in my life. When I think about what being an entrepreneur means to me, […]

I’d Like to Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

We all have different stories, different paths in life, different challenges and victories.  It is our differences that make us unique and interesting.  But sometimes, in this heavily virtual world in which we live, it’s difficult to connect on a personal level.  I am writing this post, because I would like to change that. I […]

Living a Daily Leap of Faith

One of the most difficult parts of starting a business is having the patience, determination, and faith to get it to the point of profitability.  The overnight success is truly a myth.  When you hear stories about how someone’s blog went from 100 to 5,000 subscribers in a week, or how someone launched their first […]

Will You Be Mine?

Thank you for reading my blog! Thank you for sharing your comments! Thank you for being a fan! It’s nearly February 14th, so I wanted to send you a Valentine, and my sincere appreciation to you for being a member of my audience .  It’s such a pleasure and an honor to be able to […]

Pink Means Business

Did you know that up until the end of the second World War that pink was the preferred color for boys, and blue for girls? Amazing how things have changed. It’s not difficult to find an explosion of pink hues in any store that caters to little girls. Despite some people’s disparagement of pink, once […]

Making Happiness a Habit

This post was originally published on 365 Days of Startups. On the days when my business begins to feel a bit overwhelming, I carve out some quiet time to remember all the reasons I started this solo endeavor — the things that make the long days, sacrifice, and hard work all worthwhile.  I am re-energized […]

Transparency is a Gift

Experience is one of the most valuable assets in business. Think about how much you rely on the things you’ve learned through the good, bad, and even ugly times. Every late night, early morning, stumble, victory, tear or bead of sweat has value — they are gifts. The lessons you take away from your experiences […]