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The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Drive

Part Four of Four What drives you? Many might admit to external rewards like money, recognition, status, or power. But for the heart-centered leader, the one I’ve been describing for the past few weeks, the fourth virtue of TRUE leadership is an intrinsically motivated Drive. Just as the other virtues of Selflessness, Courage, and Integrity come from […]

The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Integrity

Part Three of Four In the prior two posts, I presented what I consider to be two of four main virtues of TRUE leadership — meaning leading from within — the first being Selflessness, and the second, Courage. The third, and equally powerful virtue, is your ability to lead with Integrity. More important than focusing on morality, […]

Leaders Seek Cooperation

Rounding out our month on Leadership, I am happy to share another great post from Dr. Marlene Caroselli, who challenges us to take a different look at the importance of cooperation versus teamwork in building our businesses. In a time when innovation is vital to ongoing business success, it would seem that cooperation should be […]

Challenges to Becoming a Leader Worth Following

Starting a business and nurturing it to a point of sustainability is often a tough, long road despite the “get rich quick stories” you often hear. There are hills and valleys, feasts and times of famine. We all desire to achieve that position, where we are serving those we’ve worked so hard to reach. And […]

Best Business Role Models for Leadership

Imagine what life would be like if there was no one to admire or aspire to be like? Thankfully, our lives are full of amazing people at every turn, who touch our lives in big and small ways. Who we become as business leaders is colored by people from our past and present, in and […]

The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Courage

Part Two of Four Sometimes it’s really challenging to be courageous. When you can’t predict the outcome, it can be scary to put your neck on the line, be vulnerable, or take a leap of faith. In Part One of this series, I wrote about how TRUE leadership comes from a place of selflessness. The […]

Most Important Qualities in a Leader

Are people born leaders, or do you become one with hard work, by experience, or chance? I believe that there are effective arguments to the validity of both questions. There are many examples of uninspiring people doing extraordinary things. And as entrepreneurs, we are all called to be leaders in our niches if we desire […]