The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Integrity

Part Three of Four

In the prior two posts, I presented what I consider to be two of four main virtues of TRUE leadership — meaning leading from within — the first being Selflessness, and the second, Courage. The third, and equally powerful virtue, is your ability to lead with Integrity.

More important than focusing on morality, I love how integrity is also defined as being sound, complete, whole. I believe that refers to your actions being integrated with who you are at the core. Because TRUE leadership is reserved for those who operate from a place of authenticity.

We are integrated beings in childhood. We know most clearly what we were created to do in our lifetime. Our gifts and true selves are expressed without reservation in all that we do.

But at some point for most, the purity of our childhood innocence begins to fracture as we start to give more weight to the opinions of others over our own truth, and the integration of true self and pure self-expression slowly deteriorates. As a result, many lose sight of their purpose and direction, and begin to sacrifice self as the clarity of their highest values becomes blurred.

When you attempt to lead from a place of inauthenticity your messages lack clarity and substance, which is a disservice to you and those you are trying to serve.

So how do you get back to that place of being sound, complete, whole? By getting reacquainted with the core of who you are. Start by answering these questions –

  • When I shed the expectations of the world around me, who am I?
  • If I stop long enough to listen, whose voice do I hear guiding me? If it is not my own, what will I do to quiet all others until I can clearly hear mine?
  • What are my highest values, and am I living in alignment with them in everything I do?

We all experience points in life where dis-integration of our true self occurs. Your goal should be a heightened level of awareness about the people and things that steer you off course, so that you can quickly restore, and more consistently maintain and express your integrity in everything you do.

A life lived with integrity – even if it lacks the trappings of fame and fortune is a shinning star in whose light others may follow in the years to come. – Denis Waitley

Where have you gotten off course, and how did you reconnect with your core to lead with integrity?

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