Why Assertive Businesswomen Get a Bad Rap

Whether you’re in Corporate America or are a small business owner, being a woman in business can be tough when you need to be.  Gender disparity is alive and well in business where men are rewarded for being assertive and women are labeled as barracudas or worse.

When men “get in touch with their feminine side” they are called sensitive. Unfortunately, this cross-over doesn’t work in the reverse.

Being a woman in a man’s business world does not require you to be more like a man.  But women, naturally displaying traditional male characteristics, are often criticized.

So why the difference in our ever evolving society?  After all, we bear witness to the boldly competitive female elite athlete, like Serena Williams, who is portrayed by the media as powerful and sexy.  Yet, in the business arena women are still running into glass ceilings and are disparaged for being competitive.

Despite what you’ve learned from the persistent social stereotypes being perpetuated, women are not being held back from business success because of their femininity.  Being a strong woman is not a contradiction, nor should it be viewed as a liability.  More and more businesswomen each year are breaking free from the constraints of the corporate world and are starting their own businesses, proving that gender has nothing to do with business success.  Are you ready to take that leap?

Don’t fall into the trap of making excuses for being just who you are.  Being an assertive woman is simply not the same thing as being aggressive, so don’t be afraid to stake your claim to success!

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