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Do Women Rule When It Comes to Empathy?

Let’s begin by clarifying what empathy is not — it is not sharing someone’s feelings and experiences — that’s sympathy.  Empathy is an understanding or awareness of someone else’s feelings. Considered to be one of the essential qualities in effective leadership, empathy has been predominantly assigned to women, who excel in their ability to effectively […]

Decisive Woman is Not an Oxymoron

At some point in the distant past women were mislabeled as indecisive.  Many ancient cultures (and even some in the present) didn’t give women the license to choose.  Decisions were made by men, and that was that. Bear witness to any present-day woman juggling work, family, home, carpool, food acquisition, etc. and you realize that […]

Communication Styles: Rapport versus Report

It’s truly amazing how socialized the communication styles of men and women are in Western culture.  From childhood, girls are praised for working together, talking about their feelings and listening.  Boys are encouraged to be direct, speak their opinion and be independent.  In adult life this translates to different approaches to communication in business.  Men […]