Moving Your Employees Beyond Satisfaction to Engagement

In this month’s examination of engagement, I didn’t want to neglect the importance of looking at how we engage our employees. Because the truth is that if your employees are merely satisfied rather than engaged, your company will never reach it’s potential.

As I prepared to write on this subject, I realized that there were so many strong posts published on this topic that you would be better served by me simply sharing them with you. Below are a handful of my top picks with sound strategies and tactics you can implement to increase employee engagement in your ranks. Additionally, you may be challenged to ask yourself some hard questions about your motives, direction, and the example you are setting as business owner.

Ten Steps to Build Real Startup Team Engagement

I agree with the author, Martin Zwilling, that your actions always speak louder than your words. In this post you will find 10 practical tips you can use to examine and upgrade how you interact with your team. It’s not about satisfaction — it’s about “unlocking employee potential…”

How Motivation is Driven by Purpose – and Not Monetary Incentives

I stumbled across this RSA animation a while back, and it has become one of my favorites from a talk by Dan Pink. I find the results of motivation research fascinating, and it really begs the question, what are you doing to create an environment in which your employees can feel engaged in purposeful work?

Creating Ideas: Greater Innovation Through Team Engagement

Just because you have a team that is getting the job done, doesn’t mean you have team engagement. Discover strategies to create an environment in which your team members can thrive.

How to Run a Successful Project

Great article on the importance of taking your team’s emotions into account when it comes to getting them to engage. What types of employees are on your team? — Engaged, Not-Engaged, or Actively Disengaged — and what you can do about it.

20 Tips to Improve Employee Engagement and Performance

According to Torben Rick, employees leave companies because of how they are managed. To improve your management performance, don’t miss these 20 targeted tips.

My hope is that your mind has been opened to the possibility of growth as a leader and engager in your business. If you have a specific employee engagement strategy that has been highly effective in your business, I insist you share it in the comments below. 🙂

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