Find Success with Compulsive List Making

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #10

Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Paula Rizzo, Emmy Award Winning Senior Health Producer for and Founder of, who provided us with strategies for improving our businesses through compulsive list making.

Paula, a compulsive list maker herself, demonstrates the power of lists in her “day job” and brings her experiences home for us to use in all aspects of our lives to dramatically improve performance. In this interview I ask Paula –

  • How can being organized benefit your career?
  • How can women best prepare for each day to avoid feeling overwhelmed?
  • When juggling multiple projects, how can lists help women prioritize?
  • And, how have lists been proven to improve success for people?

If you would like more information on Paula’s strategies for improving your life and business, please visit her website. Enjoy the show!

Thank you Paula for sharing your valuable list making tips and demonstrating how we can become far more effective in business and life by creating more lists.

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Paula Rizzo is the Senior Health Producer for and founder of She’s an Emmy Award winner and attributes much of her success to her compulsive list making. She makes lists for everything and started to help others become more organized, focused and efficient, while being less stressed.

Paula has been featured in several publications including: Whole Living Magazine, Women’s Health Australia, and She’s also the author of Enough Time Mom’s ebook, “10 Lists Every Mom Needs.” Her compulsive list making has earned her CBS New York’s Most Valuable Blogger, KIRO‐FM’s “Blogger of the Week,” and “Top 50 Productivity Blogs 2011.”

Connect with Paula on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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