Trusting Your Intuition as Your Guide

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #11

Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Sheila Duncan, Co-Creator of Trouble the Dog, who provided us with strategies for learning how to engage and leverage our intuition in business.

Sheila describes herself as a sensitive person, and has found that by really listening to her heart and gut, she has been able to more effectively navigate the arenas of business and life. In this interview I ask Sheila –

  • Why is tuning into your intuition a vital component to running a business?
  • How can women tap into their intuition and learn to stay true to themselves?
  • And, what are the warning signs that you might be heading down the wrong path?

If you would like more information about Sheila’s very special Trouble the Dog project, please visit her website. Enjoy the show!

Thank you Sheila for sharing your valuable insights and experiences for how to effectively use intuition in our lives and businesses.

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Sheila Duncan was the owner of a world famous bar and restaurant which had been in her family since 1946.  The economy, smoking ban and a three year road construction project forced her decision to sell.  She had to reinvent herself; and along came Trouble!!!  Sheila is now co-creator of Trouble The Dog, a character all about hope and resilience for children … currently being considered by major tv networks.  The film, Trouble, has just been selected as a feature by the New Hampshire Film Festival.

After losing a number of family members to cancer within a year; Sheila knew in her heart that this little character, Trouble, was her mission in life.  After writing a children’s book titled “Here’s Trouble” as well as creating a plush dog, the evidence that children today not only related to Trouble but needed him was undeniable.

The purchase of each Trouble product allows us to donate a portion of proceeds to a charity helping children in need. Connect with Sheila on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. Posted December 29, 2011 at 8:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Great show Shannon & Shelia! Being a sensitive person myself I seem to be very in tune with my own intuition. It has helped me out in many a situation. As you mentioned, being a woman business owner you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone to get certain things done but when I get that nagging feeling or as Shelia puts it a niggle in the gut I really step back and think it through. When I allow myself to do that I’m able to move forward in what I need to do and know that I’m heading in the right direction.

    • Posted December 30, 2011 at 10:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Barbara, Thanks so much for watching! How to engage your intuition is a great topic for business and life. We all want the confirmation that we are moving in the right direction, and often I think it just means stopping long enough to listen to that inner voice and decipher what it is saying. I appreciate you sharing your comment! 🙂 Shannon

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