Stop the Self-Sabotage!

Have you ever wondered how you might be getting in the way of your business success? If you are the type to burn the candle at both ends on a regular basis, you have some change to institute in your business and life. I am honored to invite guest expert, Diana Fletcher to the stage to share her best tips for how to stop the self-sabotage in your business. Thanks Diana!!


Do you sabotage yourself?  Think about this: Isn’t planning too much and over-extending, a form of self-sabotage?

As an entrepreneur, you are interested in many different areas but if you continue over-committing, you will hurt your business and your health.

Do you over-commit, because each pretty, shiny new idea sounds soooooo good? Then, when you fail to accomplish all of it, do you beat yourself up about it; feel like a failure, or at the very least, think of yourself as not very good at what you do?

You have created this stressful situation.

If you don’t take care of yourself, if you let the stress of trying to do too much continue, you will not have a healthy life or business.

Here are some examples of self-sabotage:

  • You decide that you need to start networking more. You begin accepting every invitation, to every event going on in the area. You are frantic once you start doing this, and do not relax enough to truly get to know anyone at any gathering. You get tired, because you are driving somewhere every day, and other commitments are suffering. You moan, “Networking is too much work! I am not good at this!”
  • You have a project. You decide that you will commit the morning to it. The phone rings, and you answer what turns out to be a very long call. You finish the call and you have lost your focus. You throw up your hands and cry,” I will never get this done!”

You need to re-prioritize.

It isn’t a matter of re-prioritizing the “to-do” list. It is a matter of re-prioritizing your life list.

  1. List what is important to you.
  2. Put these items in order of importance.
  3. Look carefully at your top three. Are these the items that support you financially and emotionally? (Health should be included as one of the top three, because if you don’t take care of this, everything else will suffer.)

To successfully stop the self-sabotage, you will have to change the way you have ordered your life up to now. Whenever you need to make a decision concerning the expenditure of your time, look at your life list. Will the activity support those items?

You need to recognize the fatigue and the crankiness that are symptoms of overload and stress. You must constantly re-evaluate and re-focus. Change takes time. You start with changing your thoughts, and this will lead to changing your actions.

One final note: Do not let yourself speak negatively about yourself. Remind yourself that you are an entrepreneur with many interests. That’s not a bad thing to be!

Diana Fletcher ©  2011


Diana Fletcher, The Stress Reducing Author, life coach, and motivational speaker is an expert at helping people reduce stress, achieve optimal health, and live happier lives no matter how busy and hectic their lives are.

Her latest book is entitled, Happy on Purpose Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women (2011). She is the co-author of Inspired Entrepreneurs, which was published June 2010.  Her popular book, Reduce Your Stress  Month by Month Stress Reducing Strategies, was published in October, 2009. Diana is also the author of the three self-help books that make up the Outstanding Life Series.

Diana is a frequent radio guest, a regular contributing writer of internet publications, and she publishes a bi-monthly e-zine entitled Stress Reducing Strategies.

Diana is the owner of Diana Fletcher Life Coaching and coaches individual clients and groups. She facilitates workshops and retreats, teaches unique and informative teleclasses and offers presentations to corporations and businesses.

In August 2010, Diana was the Wellness Presenter for the Heinz Corporation Functional Leader Program. She has presented wellness workshops for Philips Corp and Marc USA. She was the opening Keynote Speaker for Manifest Production’s “Michigan’s Next Movie Star” event in Flint, Michigan, on October 3rd, 2009. Connect with Diana on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Posted January 11, 2012 at 11:35 am | Permalink | Reply

    Self-sabotage is one of those mental animals I hope to NEVER battle again. My upbringing taught me that I just wasn’t worthy enough to be a ‘success’. And so I failed at the 11.99th hr.

    A lot of reading, talking, and self-talking finally cured me of that dreaded affliction. I urge you to do ALL POSSIBLE to see that it doesn’t happen/continue to happen to you!

    • Posted January 11, 2012 at 7:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Randy, Self-sabotage can be a sneaky and debilitating nemesis to business. So glad you were able to overcome your inner demons. It’s hard to imagine since you are so positive and proactive that you ever struggled. 🙂 Shannon

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