How People Who Work from Home Achieve Balance

I don’t know if there is anything more challenging than the balancing act that WAHM’s face on a daily basis. If you’ve been struggling, be sure to consider applying the great strategies shared by guest expert, Kimberly Crossland this week. Thanks, Kimberly!


At the end of the day, whether you work out of your home for a large corporation, or alone as a freelance blogger, you are ultimately always working for yourself.

The time and you invest into your work and family is all to further your career, or further your relationships – and ultimately this always boils down to furthering you as a person.

As women who work from home, balance can be incredibly difficult to learn. Customers and companies pay for your time and knowledge, while your family requires it. In a home office, it can be difficult to know when it is quitting time, or when it is starting time. You may be torn in multiple directions, balancing various family member schedules, or feeling the urge to check just one more task off your to do list before getting out to the family. Ultimately, without a proper harmony between your time spent with your family and time spent with your work, you are likely to lose the delicate balance between the two.

So how can you balance your life while working from home?

  • Put your knowledge to work for you – This is the work part. You know quite a bit, after all you are a smart woman.  But knowing without putting it to use, you fail to provide value to yourself by utilizing your unique talents. Your ability to use your knowledge in a productive way that provides value to others is what will make you happier from a career standpoint.
  • Your time is worth more than your money – Time cannot be replenished, but money can. When you put your knowledge to work, it is important to do so in a productive way so that you can gain your time back. Successful freelancers and telecommuters optimize their time by developing a system that allows for repetition saving hours of repetitive work in the long run. By creating a system that allows you to use your knowledge effectively, you are able to gain those invaluable hours back into your day.
  • Implement your abilities to achieve your goals – You’ve put your knowledge to work, and created a system to give you your time back, but now it is time to balance the two so that you can achieve your goals. You know what you are good at. And because you are smart, you know what you need to do to achieve your goals. Look at the big picture, what you define as success, and create your own path to get there.

While it sounds like a dream of simply putting your knowledge to work for you while regaining time with your family and achieving your goals, it can happen with proper implementation. Look at the success stories around you and on this website. They have accomplished their goals, not by pure luck, but by putting their minds to work for them.

How have you learned to balance your time and knowledge effectively?


Kimberly Crossland, founder of  has a passion for technology, business, health, and life. She started her career overseas in Copenhagen, Denmark where she worked as an International Marketer.  Since then, she has moved back to the United States, where she is originally from, and is now continuing her career as a freelance copywriter. She works daily with small businesses on how to help them market online, increase productivity, and drive revenues, while focusing on a healthy balance between work and life.

Connect with Kimberly on Twitter.

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