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Ask Shannon – Surviving Copreneurship

Question: How can husband-wife entrepreneur teams keep the business separate from their family life? – Arroxane Eber,, Lewisville, Texas Shannon’s Answer: Arroxane, thank you for your question. According to a Wall Street Journal article, about one third of all family operated businesses are jointly run by husband and wife. In a tough economy, more spouses […]

Ask Shannon – To Pay or Not to Pay Yourself

Question: Should a startup business owner pay themselves a commercial rate salary from day one? – Robin Dickinson, Business Facilitator & Mentor,, Sydney, Australia Shannon’s Answer: Robin, thank you for your question. It’s probably one that most entrepreneurs ask themselves when they are getting started — I know when I got started, it was […]

Ask Shannon: Niche Narrowing Strategies?

Question: “In order to narrow my niche, what do you think about making inquiries via Reporter Connection about overwhelm for various niches, writing articles, and seeing what reaction they generate?” – Dr. Monique Y. Wells, Understanding Time Management, Paris, France Shannon’s Answer: Monique, thank you so much for your question! First of all, thinking about ways […]

Ask Shannon: Publicity on a Shoestring Budget?

“Can you get publicity on a shoestring budget?” Question: “What are the guidelines for publicity (go for broke, bet the farm, or be conservative/fearful) for shoestring start-ups on the web?” – Jennifer Little, Parents Teach Kids, North Bend, OR. Shannon’s Answer: Jennifer, thank you for your great question! I am excited to share some information with […]