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In an effort to always bring you the latest and greatest information, I am happy to present another installment of our Advisory of Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight interview series.

We designed this series to, not only showcase our community of amazing women entrepreneurs, but to also share their best tips, strategies and insights for wanna-be and established women entrepreneurs.  Our mission for this community is to bring an incredible group of women together to inspire, motivate, and support women in business by networking, collaborating, and, in the case of this spotlight series, showing you why they shine so brightly!

This week I am pleased to share my interview with Melanie Hope, award-winning speaker, author and President of Hope Speaking LLC.

In our interview you will discover that Melanie is a true bootstrapper, and is so passionate about what she’s doing that, in her own words, she’d rather live under a bridge than go back to work for someone else (I know the feeling). Learn why she refers to herself as a “Momentum Speaker,” and more about her upcoming book, Get Over It and Get Started. Enjoy the interview!

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Mélanie Hope, President of Hope Speaking, LLC, award-winning speaker and author of “Nose-to-Nose Networking” is known for her colorful stories and abounding energy. While normally labeled a motivational speaker, she prefers the term, “Momentum Speaker,” as, she says, “motivation is great, but then what? I want to help people get started and then continue to grow.”

Her mission statement reads, “To instruct and inspire using humor and grace while instilling hope where fear may reign.” On her website, she also includes her passion statement, “Helping you find and use your voice for better communicating, networking and personal understanding.” She encourages everyone she meets to have a passion statement.

Mélanie is a fierce advocate for survivors of domestic abuse who volunteers for several programs that empower women. She wrote “The Employment Empowerment Workshop” for women whose lives have been interrupted by these types of events. Her forthcoming book, “Get Over It & Get Started – Self Help with a Spine” is due out fall of 2011. Connect with Mélanie on Twitter and Facebook.

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