10+ Women-Only Resources for Business Building

Women entrepreneurs face different challenges in business and life than men. For that reason, my business caters directly to women entrepreneurs in an effort to show them how to sharpen their competitive edge and achieve excellence. Having walked the startup road, I also know that every penny counts, and provide many sources of free, strategic business building options for women entrepreneurs from my blog, free ebook (which you can sign up for below), Spotlight show, and weekly mentorship hour — where women can work with me at no charge every Wednesday.

The great news is that I am not the only business working hard to facilitate the success of women entrepreneurs. So last week I went in search of other service businesses, business tools, business advisors whose focus is to specifically serve the niche of WOMEN entrepreneurs and asked –

If your business falls within a women’s business niche, what tools, services, training, etc. does your business provide at NO CHARGE to help women entrepreneurs start or build a business, and/or overcome a specific women’s challenge in business?

Of the hundreds I know are out there, 10 top-notch businesses catering to the unique challenges of women entrepreneurs at different stages in life responded. Whether you are a young woman entrepreneur, mom-entrepreneur, or women solo entrepreneur you will love the list of high value, no-charge resources available from these business owners. Each one is designed to help you make your business a success by streamlining the process. Enjoy!

If you are a business owner serving a women-only business niche and offer high value content products or services you provide at no charge, please leave that information in the comments below with a link to your site. We’d love to hear from you too!

1. One Stop Shop For Women Who Work At Home

When I first started my search for a work at home opportunity, I spent months weeding through information, scams and books. It is this research that prompted me to create an online business resource, where woman could find all of the information they needed in one place. The Work at Home Woman’s mission is to help women acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to successfully work from home or to become self-employed while providing support, inspiration and motivation. Besides offering tips and strategies on running a business from home, we feature women in interviews giving them additional exposure for their business. We also have an online forum, offering women a more intimate opportunity to come together to collaborate, learn and network in a safe haven. For more information visit – http://www.theworkathomewoman.com/

Thanks to Holly Hanna of The Work At Home Woman

2. Moms Wearing Multiple Hats

I have a blog that’s catered to mom entrepreneurs called Moms Wearing Multiple Hats, and my purpose for starting this blog was to help as many mom entrepreneurs as I possibly can. My blog shares inspiration, business tips on how to start a home based business, and how to balance both work and family. I get a lot of questions from other inspired moms who want to be home with their children and make extra money, so I encourage them to start with what they are passionate about and love. They can discover how to turn their passion into a profit. I share YouTube videos on various tips and offers to help every mom entrepreneur find a balance between motherhood and mom entrepreneur, because let’s face it, moms wear multiple hats. For more information visit – http://momswearingmultiplehats.com

Thanks to LaTersa Blakely of Moms Wearing Multiple Hats

3. Chic CEO – Entrepreneurs With Style.

Recently named in the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women by Forbes, Chic CEO is a free online resource for female entrepreneurs. Chic CEO provides the ground level information women need to get their businesses started – from how to write a business plan to getting your EIN. All of the information on Chic CEO is easy to understand and easy to implement. If you can’t put our content into action, it won’t be on the website. We are committed to bringing this information to women for free so anyone has access to the info they need to startup. Chic CEO is a fun website, catering to women in a sassy way that really connects with them. For more information visit – http://chic-ceo.com

Thanks to Stephanie Burns of Chic CEO, LLC

4. Getting Over Ovewhelm By Mastering Your Use Of Time

The vast majority of challenges that women solopreneurs face as business owners stem in whole or in part from how well they master their use of time. To address this critical component of business management, I provide a free, 20-page e-book called “Getting over Overwhelm – Selecting the Best Time Management Program for You and Your Home Business.” It explains the logical flaw in the statement “Time equals money,” presents the three biggest mistakes that women solopreneurs make when trying to improve their time management skills, discusses the seven time management challenges that hinder progress at work, and reveals the five crucial elements of an effective time management program. I also offer a free, 15-minute consultation to establish clients’ time management training/coaching needs. For more information visit – http://understandingtimemanagement.com

Thanks to Monique Y. Wells of Understanding Time Management

5. Word Of Mom – MOMpreneurs The NEW Business Women

Word of Mom – spotlights MOMpreneurs – the NEW Business Woman. Word of Mom airs on BlogTalkRadio and on MomTV and is a forum for MOMpreneurs to share our blended careers of motherhood and entrepreneurship! Growing up we heard that woman couldn’t have it all – we either had to be a stay at home mom or a career women. Well – not anymore!!! MOMpreneurs break the myths and show that not only can we be successful in raising our children and caring for our families – we can build successful businesses and make them thrive. For more information visit – http://word-of-mom.com

Thanks to Dori DeCarlo of Word of Mom Media

6. The Art Of Expression

The National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) celebrates, encourages, recognizes and promotes professional standards in female productions of Art, Letters and Music.

Female only members are journalists, painters, choreographers, sculptors, illustrators, songwriters, poets–and more.

NLAPW provides networking opportunities with other female arts professionals, as well as entry into juried exhibits and contests, and participation in professional women artists enrichment programs.

Vinnie Ream, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eudora Welty, Margaret Sullivan Burke and others have listed NLAPW among their professional affiliations. If you are a female artist, writer, composer – et al, NLAPW could help you launch your works. For more information visit – http://www.americanpenwomen.org

Thanks to Sheryl Hill of The National League of American Pen Women

7. Strategic Insights Customized For Your Business

As a marketing consultant and small business coach focused on servicing women-owned small businesses, one of the best tools I offer my clients is a free Business Analysis Report. When a woman signs on, we schedule a series of Q&A’s and getting to know you sessions. Based on those sessions, industry research, review of their business plans PLUS my experience, I craft an insightful document with customized strategies on how to reach their goals. Portions of the report include women-focused networks to join, inspiring books written by successful female entrepreneurs and specific tactics to help fulfill those strategies. Many times my clients are so close to their business that it is hard for them to take a step back and see the big picture. That is where the Business Analysis Report delivers! For more information visit – http://sleeveshirtconsulting.com

Thanks to Eileen Schlesier of SleeveShirt Consulting LLC

8. Ways To Help & Attract Prospects

Three no-cost opportunities introduce women business owners to my firm, Elevating Your Business:

1. Integrity Day: Women complete items on their To Do List and report feeling freer and invigorated. http://tinyurl.com/3cwtxn4

2. Strategic Planning on Steroids: A business-clarifying webinar that leaves students with a written vision, feeling more focused, and excited to create a biz plan. http://tinyurl.com/3z4faxl

3. Ask Maria Q&A: Financial Professionals email me pressing questions and receive options they hadn’t considered. http://tinyurl.com/44awfas

Two women are granted scholarships. They have recently experienced a major hardship, can’t otherwise afford coaching, and have skills we need. Results: fewer costly mistakes as they jumpstart their businesses. It’s a win-win.

Thanks to Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business

9. Join VentureMom Community To Help Restart The Economy

VentureMom.com has a ton of free tools and resources for women entrepreneurs:

Ask VentureMom gives women entrepreneurs a quick go-to resource to ask a question for free.

Free Guide – 6 Steps to Naming Your Venture: naming your venture is a critical part of the entrepreneurial process.

Weekly Blog featuring a new VentureMom who started a business from a passion often times with no start-up capital, no business plan, no formal training and no babysitter. Full of free tips, strategies and inspiration.

VentureMom to the Rescue: library of articles to browse through offering advice, tips, ideas and more.

VentureMom Directory: mom entrepreneurs are always asking for resources – 1 free month!

Guest Posts: Guest posts are welcomed which showcase your expertise!
For more information visit – http://venturemom.com

Thanks to Holly Hurd of VentureMom.com

10. Connecting Young Female Entrepreneurs

Young Female Entrepreneurs serves entrepreneurial women in their 20s and 30s at NO CHARGE by organizing opportunities for them to meet with one another over Twitter chats on a biweekly basis and monthly meetings via web conferencing. YFE also publishes a blog that profiles young women who own their own businesses, discusses issues and shares headlines that are relevant to our community at large. YFE has recently been recognized by the White House for being a resource, voice, and place to go to for inspiration for young women entrepreneurs. For more information visit – http://youngfemaleentrepreneurs.com

Thanks to Jennifer Donogh of Young Female Entrepreneurs

More of my favorite picks, but just the tip of the iceberg –

Women Speak – Founder, Dr. Nancy O’Reilly
Dr. Nancy’s rich interviews with smart, amazing women entrepreneurs and professionals range from health and vitality, relationships, and self-care to careers and finance. You can even catch my interview with Dr. Nancy, Success Begins with You.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur (a.k.a. WomanzWorld) – Founder, Natalie Sisson
Natalie is no slouch when it comes to providing tons of high value content at no charge on her site. Sign up for her High Flyer newsletter and get your hands on her juicy Social Media Workout. Peruse her list of top business tools to streamline your business. And don’t miss her blog which is sure to please with regular tips and strategies to find freedom in your business so you can enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of.

30 Second Mom: 30 Second Tips for Your Mobile Life – Founder, Elisa All
Freshly launched from the amazing creator of iParenting Media, which was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2007, Elisa has blown the doors off innovation once again with 30 Second Mom. No matter how busy you are, you have 30 seconds for tips that could save you hours in the long run. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

iRelaunch – Founders, Carol Fishman Cohen & Vivian Steir Rabin
Co-authors of Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work, their site provides women with a Relaunch Quiz, Relaunch Guides, and a great blog to get women back into the business game.

She Takes on the World – Founder, Natalie MacNeil
A site where you can connect with other amazing women entrepreneurs, find free resources, and absorb fabulous blog content regularly.  When you sign up for Natalie’s newsletter you can get your hands on her Social Media Strategies for Small Business.

Girls With Goals – Founder, Erin Hurry
Erin’s site is full of business tools and resources to empower women to gain more market share and start and/or expand their business. When you join you gain access to free workshops, an online community, online store set-up, and so much more!

I could spend hours adding more to the list, but hope that you will either share your business, or give a shout out to one you love.

Thanks so much again to all our wonderful contributors for sharing your no-charge resources for women entrepreneurs! We hope to hear from you again.

If you enjoyed this post, and would like to join our regular QofTW contributors email notification list simply Click Here. If you have a question that you would like to see addressed on my blog please leave it in the comments below, and your topic might be featured on an upcoming post.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Posted November 18, 2011 at 3:25 am | Permalink | Reply

    Dr. Reece,

    That is a great list of resources to help women entrepreneurs!

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Posted November 18, 2011 at 8:40 am | Permalink | Reply

      Krizia, I am glad to know that you found the resources helpful! Shine brightly! Shannon

  2. Posted October 11, 2011 at 9:05 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’m so proud to know many of these ladies! I have had the pleasure of joining Dori twice on her BTR show. She is the real deal! Jennifer Donogh, whom I happened to meet via a Twitter chat, selflessly pointed me in the direction of someone that could assist me with some information. Finally, I’m very excited to be part of the launch team of contributors that Elisa All put together for 30 Second Mom, a truly revolutionary project!

    Thanks for sharing this list! I’m sure that others will end up finding out how truly wonderful these ladies are because of your post and I look forward to making the acquaintance of the others on the list.

    Jennifer Pereyra

    • Posted October 12, 2011 at 12:40 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Hi Jennifer! So nice to meet you. 🙂 How very exciting to be working with the amazing, Elisa All! I can’t wait to see and hear more about 30 Second Mom — true innovation! Please keep me posted on all the news as you initiate your launch and let me know how I can help. Shannon

      • Posted October 13, 2011 at 12:47 am | Permalink | Reply

        Yes, it is an honor to be working with such an accomplished business woman. I can’t wait to see what she is going to do next! Thanks for offering to help get the word out. As Elisa said in her comment, “we are lucky to have you in our corner”!

        On another note, I realized I hadn’t left you the nature of what actually caused Elisa and I to meet each other. I am the author of a new children’s book, “Mommy & Daddy Work to Make Some Dough”. The story, based on a morning in the life of my own family, will help parents to explain to their young children (4-8) why they can’t stay home and play all day. As such, the blog posts I write pertain to issues that would be important to working families. Both can be found at http://www.jenniferpereyra.tateauthor.com

        Thanks again!

        • Posted October 13, 2011 at 7:56 am | Permalink | Reply

          Jennifer, Your children’s book sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing the information for busy parents. I still have aspirations of writing a children’s book one day. But for now I am focusing on the big girls. 🙂 I am so pleased to be getting to know you better. Please stay in touch. Shannon

  3. Posted October 11, 2011 at 1:36 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Elisa All just shared this post – and so glad she did! What a great resource for women working to make it all happen – business, life, and family!

    I wanted to share my website with you to offer mom-entrepreneurs an option for finding trusted sitters within their own network of friends, to allow them to balance work and kids. Sitter Pals is the social network connecting parents, their friends, and the sitters they know, trust, and hire. With Sitter Pals you can post a job to a network of sitters you know, immediately determine their availability, and connect with new sitters through your friends. Membership is free to parents and sitters! http://sitterpals.com

    • Posted October 12, 2011 at 12:38 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Amanda, Thank you so much for introducing yourself here, and sharing your site link! So great to have you affiliated with this post of resources for women entrepreneurs! Your business sounds fabulous — great way to provide effective solutions for busy working moms. 🙂 Shannon

  4. Posted October 10, 2011 at 8:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Shannon,

    Thank you so much for including 30Second Mom among the amazing resources you gathered for women in business! It’s truly an honor to have caught your attention and I appreciate your recognition. As a new start-up, your vote of confidence means so very much. Thank you for all you do for women entrepreneurs. We are lucky to have you in our corner!

    All the best,


    • Posted October 10, 2011 at 9:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Elisa, Thank you for sharing the news of your launch with me. Was it serendipity? Your new venture was a perfect fit for this post! What a great tool you are providing busy moms, and I can’t wait to see more. You are an inspiration to entrepreneurial women everywhere and it was my pleasure to include you in this post! Shannon

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