Not All Maps Will Get You Where You Want to Go

Performance Tip of the Week

As I was going through my inspiration file in preparation for writing this performance tip, I came across an article I saved some time ago called, “My Chat with Seth.” The author, Lewis Evans, shares his “brain fart moment,” and it got me thinking about what we, as business owners, spend our time and energy seeking.

Due to fear, we often look for people who will tell us where to go, rather than embracing the bumps and bruises of figuring things out on our own. Now, I am all for learning from the experiences of others to streamline the business process, but not to the extent of relinquishing control over the future of my business to someone else’s plan.

The goal should be to garner nuggets of wisdom from others, and apply only the ones we can re-mold to fit our purposes. But many would rather try to fit into the rut of someone else’s path instead of leaping outside their comfort zone. Why? Because they equate routine with safety. But Evans wisely states, Routine can only keep us where we are, at best. Inspiration provides the key to moving us forward.”

So ask yourself this question –

Are you so busy trying to follow a map of a well-worn, “safe” path that you are preventing your own creative process from guiding you to your desired business destination?

Entrepreneurship is not about conformity. It’s about adventure. And the only way to truly live the adventure in all its glory, and be the success you were born to be is by tossing the map aside, and having the courage to blaze your own trail.

My challenge to you today is to allow yourself to regularly venture into the unknown where innovation and inspiration reside, and see where it leads.

Will you accept the challenge?

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