Interns to the Rescue

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #17

Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Dreama Lee, Co-Founder of Intern-Profits, who shared her best strategies for how entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and give back to their community by developing internship programs.

Regularly mentoring interns in her own company, as well as teaching others how to successfully get interns on board, Dreama brings her passion and the myriad of benefits businesses can achieve in these win-win arrangements. In this interview I ask Dreama –

  • What is the first step a business owner needs to take in order to get interns working for her company?
  • What can interns do for you?
  • Where is the best place to find an intern?
  • And, how can a business owner best manage an intern?

If you would like more information on Dreama’s intern training programs and resources, please visit her website. Check out the New York Times article that was referenced, Dreama’s Open Letter to the NYT, and I invite you to share your internship success story in the comments below, or on YouTube.

As a special bonus for my audience, Dreama has generously invited you to become a member of, where you will receive free video training on how to set up your own internship program. Enjoy!

Thank you Dreama for sharing your internship success stories, and best tips for how we can start an internship program in our own business.

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As an entrepreneur Dreama Lee began her first business investing in real estate. As an entrepreneur and part of a husband and wife team, she’s overcome many obstacles to being successful. She and her husband and business partner, Justin Lee, were recently featured on about the ups and downs of working with your spouse.

Dreama got started into real estate investing and specifically the foreclosure market as a part-time Realtor® in the Washington, DC area where she and her husband opened their first business in 2003, JL Investing, LLC. Their real estate business specializes in helping homeowners facing foreclosure.

Dreama moved to Vancouver, BC in 2005 and started a real estate investing business in Canada, Adaptive Realty, Inc. As their businesses grew, they started their third business in 2006,, LLC, a marketing business partnering homeowners facing foreclosure with real estate investors specializing in foreclosures. As the U.S. economy and real estate market tanked, their business filled a very large need to homeowners, banks, and real estate investors.

With the success of their businesses they found themselves often working harder than they wanted to. They hired virtual assistants and more contractors but still faced human resource deficiencies and looked to find more experienced and lower cost solutions. That is when they discovered interns. After bringing on many interns successfully, they decided they wanted to share the success they had with using interns in their business with other entrepreneurs like themselves and launched their fourth business, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. in 2010.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneurs, Dreama worked in policy and public relations in the Federal government in Washington, DC. A native of Virginia, Dreama holds a Bachelors of Arts in Foreign Affairs from The University of Virginia. Dreama has been happily married to her husband Justin since 2003 and currently reside with their daughter, Stella and son, Sebastian in San Diego, CA.

Connect with Dreama on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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