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Grow Your Businesses On A Shoestring By Leading

With the recent buzz in the New York Times surrounding internships, I wanted to bring back my favorite expert on the subject, Dreama Lee, Co-Founder of Efficient Enterprises Inc., to share more facts on how beneficial developing internship programs can be for your business. Hiring and mentoring interns is just another way to hone your […]

Interns to the Rescue

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #17 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Dreama Lee, Co-Founder of Intern-Profits, who shared her best strategies for how entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and give back to their community by developing internship programs. Regularly mentoring interns in her own company, as well as teaching […]

Spring Up New Growth in Your Business

Tip of the Week – May 11, 2011 It’s spring!  For those of you who have endured a really difficult winter, I’m sure you are looking forward to a breath of fresh air with spring.  Spring is the season of new growth, which brings to mind the question — what are you doing right now […]