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There was no better way to round out this month on engagement without looking at how we can create it outside the four walls of our businesses. I am happy to share this heart-inspiring post by Patty Lennon, which contains a reminder that what may seem small to us, can make a huge difference to those in need. So when you think about ways to engage by giving back, don’t forget about giving charitably. Patty shares her favorite organizations, and I hope you will share yours in the comments below. Thanks, Patty!


As an entrepreneur you understand your power.  You are generating wealth.  You are creating a business designed to match your life.  And you are doing this all at the speed of light!

As a woman it is important to understand that even thought you are doing all this you still have needs.  No, I’m not talking about those needs.  I’m talking about the need to give charitably.

To give without asking anything in return.

This is not about giving to all the needy people in your life. You do plenty of that and it only drains your soul.  I’d highly encourage you to cut down on those activities immediately.

This is about helping someone in need, an act that feeds your heart and soul.

There are wonderful resources to help you make a difference in the life of another woman for as little as $1 in a sustainable way.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Kickstarter.org – A funding platform that enables individuals to fund potentially world-changing initiatives through crowd-sourcing.    You can help fund a project with as little as one dollar!

2. Kiva.org – Kiva is a microlending organization that makes it possible for entrepreneurs that would not be able to secure bank loans to receive a microloan to grow their businesses.  For as little as $25 you can participate in making a loan.  And, although there are no guarantees, the money is usually paid back and can be loaned out again or returned to you.

3. Give Local – Of course, every local community has wonderful options for “giving back.”   Lots of little checks go a long way – don’t be limited by the amount you have to offer!

Your heart wants this.  Believe me.  Your heart is the place you conceived your business and it is the part of you that will be able to dream beyond what is possible.  Feed it well.


Patty Lennon is Founder of Mom Get’s a Life, and is a Martha Beck certified life coach with a Masters of Science in Counseling from Pace University. Prior to becoming a life coach Patty worked at a large global bank for 15 years. While in banking she coached, counseled and mentored a number of colleagues seeking satisfaction in their career and seeking balance in life.  Helping women live their dreams is her passion!

Patty founded Mom Gets A Life to bring high end coaching to all moms at mom-friendly prices. She believes this work is essential not only to us as individuals but also to the world at large. Terrorism is a growing threat in our world and our children’s future. As mother’s we have the power to combat this threat with love and understanding rather than war.  What mother cannot understand the despair a woman must feel at seeing terrorism as her child’s option?

This is why a portion of all profits at Mom Gets A Life will be donated to Kiva. Micro-loans to mothers in impoverished nations creates hope within families. And hope is the greatest deterrent to terrorism she believes exists.

Connect with Patty on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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