28 Top Businesswomen to Watch

I have been so blessed in my business to have had the opportunity to get to know many amazing women entrepreneurs through my interview series. Not only did I bring you their expertise and best strategies in business, but I did a lot of learning along the way too. It has been like having my own, not so little, mastermind group.

This series began as a tribute to the members of my Tribe, The Advisory of Women Entrepreneurs, through which I was able to capture and share the stories of 28 incredibly talented businesswomen. As I have continued to watch these women soar I felt it was time to reflect on everything we have learned from each of them.

My sincere thanks to my original Spotlight guests for sharing your struggles and triumphs so that the rest of us could learn from your experiences. Cheers to these A.W.E.-inspiring women!

If you missed the interviews the first time around, or just need a reminder of some top-notch strategies to move your business ahead, you now have an easy reference to this fabulous content. Enjoy!

Gayle Naftaly – Queen of Connections, Queen of Networking, the Rocket Fuel to Business and Founder of access.office
We discuss the biggest lesson Gayle learned starting up, the very best decision she made for her business success, how she can bring her vision to your business, and much more!
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Holly Kile – Virtual Bridge Builder, Chief Virtual Officer of Virtual Partners in Success
Discover the catalyst that inspired Holly to start her business, her hardest lesson, the very best decision she made for her business success, how she can bring her vision to your business, and much more!
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Lauren MacEwen – Spunky Social Media Strategist and Founder of SM Cubed Consulting
Our interview covers informative topics including the catalyst that launched Lauren into the social media world, her biggest lesson, proper social media etiquette, ways she can show you how to effectively utilize social media in your business, and much more!
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Nicole Fende – Finance expert, profits tamer, Numbers Whisperer, and Founder of Small Business Finance Forum
Find out what launched Nicole from her word as a CFO and investment banker into the entrepreneurial finance world, her biggest lesson, greatest tips for start-ups, how to tackle those sometimes scary numbers in your business, and much more!
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Ellen Rohr – The brilliant and entertaining President of www.BareBonesBiz.com
Ellen starts our interview off with a bang, by sharing how she nearly sank her own family business, but got turned around with some bold moves.  She covers business planning basics and essentials, her best tips for how you can achieve success in your business, and illustrates her points with some great stories that make this interview so much fun.
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Alison Kero – An incredibly courageous woman, who turned her life right-side up, and President of Alicat Pet Service
She shares her story of giving it up to go after her dream business, and never looking back. Hear about her biggest “aha” moment that changed everything, her journey, and her dreams for the future.
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Valérie Berset-Price – Global businesswoman and President of Valérie Antoinette
You will discover the biggest challenges she had to overcome, her most significant decisions, and hottest tips for anyone interested in expanding their business abroad.
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Michele Benza – Personal Coach and Founder of Michele Benza, Image Consulting & Posture
Michele shares the upsides and how to manage the downsides of business; she discusses how you must discover your style, not through your clothing, but by integrating it with your personality; and why your image is your first non-verbal business card.
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Natalie Sisson – The Suitcase Entrepreneur herself, and Founder of SuitcaseEntrepreneur.com
From her early challenges, to making the big shift to solo entrepreneurship, Natalie shares her best tips and strategies for starting and running a business that is fun and profitable.
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Erin Ferree – Founder of Brand Style Design
Erin discusses how she takes her clients through the brand planning process. Find out what’s more important than having a pretty brand, and how to make sure your brand is built on a solid foundation to be sustainable over the long haul.
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Randi Busse – A true customer service expert and President of Workforce Development Group, Inc.
Randi shares the reason why she left a large corporation to break out on her own, how she transforms businesses from the top down, and her biggest tips when it comes to putting your customers first.
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Kimberly Gauthier – A professional-amateur photographer, and Founder of a fabulous photography blog called Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier
Learn how Kimberly assists aspiring photographers in discovering the joys of using their cameras off auto mode, and how she managed to get a free car and major PR for a month.
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Melanie Hope – Award-winning speaker, author and President of Hope Speaking LLC.
Learn why she refers to herself as a “Momentum Speaker,” and more about her upcoming book, Get Over It and Get Started.
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Laura Petrolino – Chief Communications Officer with Flying Pig Consulting
Laura is a fantastic resource, and in our interview she shared the important difference between helping people and giving away your time, the benefits of creating a valuable network with your peers, and what your very first step should be prior to launch.
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Dr. Marlene Caroselli, Corporate Trainer and Accomplished Author
Find out how her career path led her from property management to a contract with the Department of Defense, as well as many Fortune 100 companies in the Total Quality Management arena (TQM); why she is such a prolific writer; the importance of thinking both big and small; and her top three recommendations for maximizing your communication skills.
Listen to the Interview

Stephanie Calahan – Productivity Powerhouse and Founder of Calahan Solutions
This productivity and organization expert shares the importance of establishing a framework for your vision, what you can do to regain power in your business over busyness, and why multitasking is so unproductive.
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Tawana Necole – Founder of Corporate Chics, LLC.
Tawana shares her biggest start-up challenges after being “released” from her full-time job, the motivation behind creating Sistergirl Tuesdays, why her best decision was to simply give up control, and what the 3 E’s are that make up her business philosophy.
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Leslie Josel – The Clutter Controller and Founder of Order Out of Chaos
One of my favorite points that Leslie made was when she shared that there is no wrong when it comes to de-cluttering your life.  It all boils down to finding what works best for you, rather than trying to fit into any neat and tidy little box.
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Nora Whalen – Brave Entrepreneur and President and Founder of The Institute for Beautiful Business
Learn her top strategies to stay laser-focused, the number one decision she made for herself and her business that helped her get very clear on her priorities, and much more!
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Taylor Louie – Co-Founder of Skill Addiction
Find out why it is so important to be completely honest with yourself about your strengths, how you can boost the success and growth of your company by interacting directly with your customers, and more!
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Scarlet Paolicchi – Founder of Moms Wear Your Tees
You will learn Scarlet’s best tip for selecting a url when starting your business, the 2 best ways to grow your business, how to get the biggest bang for your investment in social media, and more!
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Janna Hoiberg – Executive Coach and Owner of Action Coach Advantage
Janna shares her best tips for women working in a male-dominated environment, the first steps she took to build a new business network from scratch, the importance of having a coach, even if you are one, and more!
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Suellen Hughes – Amazing woman entrepreneur from “down under,” Founder of The Kickstart Business
Learn how to navigate through the ups and downs that are a natural part of entrepreneurship, the proper way to go into business with a partner, the 3 tiers of her business model, and more!
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Elena Patrice – Co-Founder of Websites Give Back
Elena shares how she transitioned from losing everything to starting over, why targeting a niche is so important for business success, the advantage women have in business by taking a softer, more relational approach, plus more!
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Dr. Monique Y. Wells – Founder of Understanding Time Management
Discover how she reinvented herself when the market fell out from beneath her main business, why when starting a business you must be crystal clear about your direction before moving forward, the importance behind establishing a support network for her solopreneur venture before she branched out on her own, and more!
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Angie Segal – Owner of an ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise and Co-founder of ORIGINAL Tuesdays
Angie shares how she successfully transitioned from Corporate America to business coaching, the benefits and challenges of franchise ownership, the importance of creating a business around her core values, plus more!
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Vicki DonlanBusiness Coach and author of Her Turn: Why It’s Time for Women to Lead in America
Learn why an exit strategy needs to be a part of your business when you begin, how to hire people who can truly add value to your company, the importance of vetting potential clients before you begin working with them, and more!
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Nancy Butler – National Speaker and Founder of Above All Else – Success in Life and Business
Find out how Nancy pulled herself up by the bootstraps and built a business following a difficult divorce, why your mindset can make or break your business, the reason she sought employees who were the opposite of herself, and more!
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