Marketing Charisma: Attract Leads with Silver-Tongued Content

What is valuable content when it comes to your marketing?“Internet shopping” is no longer a scare word when it comes to consumers. In fact, the interconnectedness of the globe-scaling web is any entrepreneur’s mecca.

Just take a look at the stats: in the U.S. alone, 71% of adults have paid for products or services online in the last three months, according to Forrester Research. Over 50% of those sales were nurtured by content alone.

Numbers aside, we can take away a powerful lesson from these statistics: content is what attracts prospects, forges relationships and brand loyalty, and encourages consumers to purchase from you.

Yet, recent studies show 22% of the buying process is wasted with ineffective content—a number that translates to leads lost and sales forsaken. A shame, especially considering that valuable content adds a 25% increase in likelihood that a sale will be made.

But what exactly is “valuable” content?

Essentially, good content boils down to a matter of personality—that is, the personality and character your business projects through its message:

  • Potential buyers are looking for assurance, entertainment, and information. That is the beauty of online markets—it puts buyers in a position to research and be selective with their purchasing decisions. Show them you are a trustworthy business by providing succinct, knowledgeable content they can’t find elsewhere.
  • A good way to spark prospects’ interest and give them your brand information is to utilize narrative elements in your content. Our human nature is hardwired to respond to storytelling.
  • Your brand has to have finesse if you want to stand out in the vast ocean of online information. Show your prospects you value their time with concise and directive-driven content that pulls them through your site.
  • Marketing is all about the right note for the right buyer at the right time. And if that’s not a tall enough order, you have to know your audience—their wants, their needs, and their pain points. Know what they like to hear and what they don’t, and make sure your content reflects those tastes.
  • Appeal to your target market with a voice that gives your brand a genuinely likeable personality. Aim to be conversational in tone, but maintain professional presentation (grammar matters).

You can’t blame buyers for being choosy. With the entire world at their fingertips, other options are readily available. You just have to make your brand content inspire trust, then action.

Need help implementing these strategies?

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Michelle Salater is the CEO of Sūmèr, LLC, a full-service content marketing firm that helps high-end entrepreneurs and small business owners capitalize on their vision to achieve online exposure, increase sales, and generate a higher return on investment.

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