Is Your Inner Child on the Payroll?

When was the last time you laughed out loud during a work day?

If you were to catch yourself in a mirror while working, what kind of expression would you see?

What type of emotion and energy does your voice convey when you answer the phone?

These are important questions to ask yourself on a regular basis. Why? Because if your work has begun to get a little too serious, and you feel like the dry cleaners are adding too much starch to your shirts, it’s time to bring your inner kid to work.

How do You Invite Your Inner Child Out to Play?

Though most people probably would not admit it, we all have an inner child. Mine likes to come out to play when I am not providing regular outlets for self-expression in my life. Having been stifled for too long, she usually surfaces by making a moderately bold statement. The last visit came in the form of pink highlights in my hair. If you’ve seen my photo, that might be hard to imagine, but I do have a funky inner child.

I am not the only person who breaks out of her shell periodically. We all have moments when we just need to let loose and have some fun. The great thing about running your own business is never asking the boss if you can wear flip flops to work, or institute a bagel and smear Monday — you just do it.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Inner Child on the Payroll

A big part of being a successful entrepreneur is being able to tap into all the best parts of you, including your inner child.  Society has a way of stifling the creative and playful rug rats within all of us, and gets us taking life and ourselves way too seriously sometimes. But the inner child keeps things in perspective, and has a knack for out-of-the-box thinking when we get into a jam. Remember how there was little you couldn’t solve as a kid with some string, bubble gum and a tin can. Kids are some of the best innovators and you have that power within you, even as an adult.

With or without a team on your payroll, you are in a position of leadership. So for all those budding entrepreneurs who are watching your every move, be sure to show them what it’s like to stay closely tied to your passion. Remember that you broke out of the 9-5 mold so that you could be more YOU. Take every opportunity to enjoy that freedom, and don’t let the challenges of entrepreneurship change the best parts of what make you special.

The next time you start to get your knickers in a knot, take a moment and invite your inner child out to play. You might be amazed by what you accomplish, and how much fun you have in the process. And just imagine the impact that will have on your clients!


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  1. shannon905
    Posted December 28, 2012 at 10:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    With all the stresses of owning a business, you sometimes forget it’s supposed to be fun… least sometimes. Sometimes it feels like there is no time to stop and enjoy the moment.

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