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The Fine Art of Business Focus – Maintenance

Once you have mastered an understanding of the Power of Focus, where to Direct Your Focus, and how to overcome the Obstacles to Focus, it’s time to learn how to Maintain High Level Focus in your business. Developing good habits takes time and discipline, as well as the application of the lessons you learned in Parts 1-3 […]

The Fine Art of Business Focus – Obstacles

As I hope you are beginning to realize, you have a tremendous amount of internal power to leverage in life and business, to achieve the results you most desire. A key component to that success is focus. In Part One of this series, we covered the power behind focus. And in Part Two, I wanted to clarify […]

The Fine Art of Business Focus – Direction

Last week I began a four-part series to teach you how to develop the Fine Art of Business Focus, and starting with the Power of Focus, pointed out the four major benefits to laser focusing your attention in business. Today, I continue this series with a lesson on Where to Direct Your Focus for maximum […]

The Fine Art of Business Focus – Power

Think for a moment about all the sources of information around you that vie for your visual, mental, emotional, and physical attention. You are fielding multiple stimuli on an ongoing basis. It’s no wonder that you are easily distracted, and find it difficult to focus sometimes. And within the realm of focus, there are many […]

Keeping Your Head in the Business Game

Performance Tip of the Week It’s one thing to jump into the business game. The challenge is staying in it at an effective level. As business owners, we often talk about how it’s difficult to be a one-person extravaganza. It’s true. You must attend to so many details all the time that it can become […]