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5 Tips to Keep Your Head Above Water with Social Media

There are so many different avenues when it comes to social media, and for someone just getting her feet wet, it can really seem daunting.  That’s when you call on an expert, like Laura Click of Blue Kite Marketing, who can bring it all down to size.  If you haven’t dipped your toes in the […]

4 Tips to Rock Your Career

It’s amazing how our experiences of the past teach us priceless lessons we can use in the present, to guide us into a prosperous future.  Social Media and Marketing expert, Lisa Kalner Williams did just that.  Learn the four important rules she followed in the past, that continue to guide her to bigger and better […]

The Gift of Gab: Women’s Advantage in Social Media

Did you ever think that your ability to talk would be a valuable asset?  Social Media strategist, Lauren MacEwen, shares her insights on how women can really leverage their communication skills and achieve that edge in business that men don’t, because we’re just wired differently.  Thanks, Lauren! *** Women have the business advantage in social […]