The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge – Ques #1

The New Year is just days away, are you ready to take 2011 by storm?

Like most business owners, I’m sure you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort revising your business plan to drive growth in the coming year. You’ve probably looked back over 2010 in detail:

  • Reviewed your financials, to set new sales goals
  • Determined where marketing and advertising campaigns need to be adjusted
  • Summarized lessons learned from moves that just didn’t turn out the way you’d planned
  • Examined your social media metrics
  • Thought about developing and releasing new products and services
  • And the list goes on…

Needless to say, you’ve accomplished a lot and probably believe that you’ve laid out a pretty solid plan.

But my question is —

Are YOU in that plan?

Mistake #1 – If your Business Plan did not begin and end with YOU in mind, then you’ve really missed the boat!

Yes, you are the Captain of the ship. You are leader and mentor, building an ever-increasing bench of talent to sustain the expansion of your business. You may be spouse, partner and/or parent too. But all of these are the roles you play, the hats you wear, and where you invest yourself on a daily basis.

Think about how meticulously you plan and track when it comes to making financial investments. What’s with all the intensity? Obviously, your goal is for financial investments to have a high rate of return. That’s a no brainer. Why should self-care be any different?

So often, entrepreneurs completely forget that they are not an endless source of inspiration, motivation, energy, brilliance, words, plans, or smiles. That’s why so many quickly find their fuel tanks running on empty before they’ve even gotten halfway around the track.

But there’s a solution…


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