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LAST CALL – The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge

All good things must come to an end, and at midnight tonight, enrollment for The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge will close. So I simply wanted to give you a head’s up. Today is your last day to: Grab your spot in The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge. Your window of opportunity closes at midnight EST tonight. […]


Have you been… A) buried under a blizzard B) stranded at an airport C) fighting your way through the “After Christmas sales” at the mall? D) all of the above Then you may have missed an important update I sent out on Monday… The news? I flipped the switch. And not just any switch, but […]

Only 100 Lucky Women Will Be Accepted…

THE 30 DAY REFRESH-HER CHALLENGE   On Sale Now! To get your spot, go to In just 30 Days, you can learn how to go from ordinary to extraordinary, and take your business along for the ride.  This program is a unique combination of a personal and business development plan. When you sign up […]

The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge, Ques #5

There are entrepreneurs everywhere wondering why all their hard work never quite paid off the way they planned.   They had passion. They had a solid plan of action. They had vision.   But too often entrepreneurs forget that success starts from within. In the celebrated book, The Art of War, Chinese General Sun Tzu […]

The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge, Ques #4

Most business plans include steps to expand the reach of your business — new ad campaigns, partnerships, conferences, local networking events, social media, etc. Some entrepreneurs play it safe, and just do more of what worked in the past. In today’s economy, doing more of the same isn’t necessarily going to translate into earning more. […]

The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge – Ques #3

Dreams are great, but without structure, they won’t get you anywhere. Creating a vision for your business is a necessity in order to know where you want to go. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs can fall into the trap of generating neat and tidy visions that don’t exceed the boundaries of their comfort zone. My question is — Are […]

The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge – Ques #2

You may have made many great strides in your business so far, and for that you should be very proud. But how many times did feel like you got a little off track, hesitated to make a move, or talked yourself out of something because you gave your fear a bit too much attention? My […]